''Daniel Pipes should abide by the Torah and seek peace instead of urging more fighting in Syria.''

Mr. Daniel Pipes is apparently of Jewish origin. Well my brother, if you are a Jew, why do you not look at the Torah. The Torah always speaks of love and affection and compassion. It always speaks of forgiveness and treating one's neighbors well. It speaks of preventing conflict. It says that in the End Times, the last times of the world, all weapons will be abolished, there will be absolute peace in the world, wars will come to a complete end, all people will turn to Allah, there will be wonderful social justice and the world will become a place of rejoicing.

Daniel Pipes said he was disappointed by what I said. Well, am I right or not? What does he say with regards to Syria? "When we look at the horrible Islamist rebels and the horrible Assad regime…" All right, yes, correct, there is indeed a climate of violence. "I do not want either the radicals or the supporters of Assad to emerge triumphant." Here is where it starts going wrong. "It would be much better for us when they are focused on each other…" Do you know what focusing on one another means? Killing one another. What is this focusing on one another? A huge fight. Allah commands in Torah to make peace between fighting sides, He commands to make peace, to abolish arms and to stop the bloodshed.

"What a fine thing it is to live as brothers", [Torah] says. But what are you saying here? "It would be much better for us when they are focused on each another." How does such a thing happen? Well, you are a Jewish person, you should be obeying the command of Allah.

Look, here is the most terrible thing he says; "Let us leave them to fight one another." Is that at all acceptable? What does Almighty Allah say in the Torah? Put an end to wars, and let there be no bloodshed, He says. What are you saying? You say, let's leave them to their fighting. If two parties are fighting, we have a duty to separate them. This is a state of affairs that stems from their ignorance and lack of education. I fail to understand how someone with the name of a prophet, someone of Jewish origins, someone raised among Jews, who knows the Torah and who knows the Qur'an very well, could fasten on such a view. Maybe he is under the influence of Darwinism and materialism; a strong possibility.

 [Daniel Pipes says:] "But this as a strategic point of view, it is not a humanitarian point of view." Well my brother, you are a human being, how could strategy and human beings be kept separate? Strategy is for human beings. What is strategy for? Look, he says, "But this is a strategic point of view, I do not mean it as a humanitarian point of view." You should say things from a humanitarian point of view; you should speak as a Jew and as a believer in Allah. "I have great sympathy for Syrian people and my heart bleeds…" All right, your words of human love are very fine. ".. for those who are suffering in Syria." he means he feels compassion for them. That is good.

[Daniel Pipes says:] "We did this in the Iran-Iraq War. Although we did not like him, we helped the monster Saddam so that Khomeini should not win." This is no acceptable logic. It is unacceptable to give weapons to a man like Saddam and want him to kill other Muslims, anyway. I mean, if someone has made an error once, that error cannot be adopted as a model for further errors. You have made an error there, in the beginning. How can a ferocious dajjal (antichrist) such as Saddam be given weapons? How can he be told to go and attack people? If there are things wrong with the Iranian regime, [we can convince them] with science, knowledge, wisdom, power. If necessary an embargo can be imposed, or we can educate them. Results can be obtained by the employment of wisdom.

The Torah has promised this. Almighty Allah says in the Torah that Moshiach will triumph, not with force, in other words not with tanks and guns, but with the power of Allah..

Allah talks about peace, love and compassion in the Torah:

"I am for peace, but when I speak (peace to them) they are (promoting) war." Psalms, 120:7

"All the lands are at rest and at peace; they break into singing." Isaiah, 14:7

"... And the battle bow will be broken. He [your King] will proclaim peace to the nations..." Zechariah, 9:10

You are a Jew, so you be a man of peace as well. See that you are thus promoting war as well. That is not acceptable according to the Torah. (Adnan Oktar, May 22, 2013, A9 TV)



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