''Mustafa Kamalak Master should hear us out: The Presidential System will lead to Federation, and that will divide Turkey, may Allah forbid.''

DİDEM ÜRER: Professor Dr. Mustafa Kamalak, the Chairman of the Saadet Party, said that, ‘In principle, they weren’t against the idea of the Presidential System’. However, he said they wouldn’t agree to something in advance before they fully  understand what the change will bring.

ADNAN OKTAR: I am kindly asking Master Kamalak, he should heed my words, this business [the presidential system] is not very normal. Master Kamalak loves me and I love him very much. So beware! He shouldn’t even think about such a possibility. If that comes, the rest will follow. The presidential system will lead to federation, may Allah forbid, and that will only divide Turkey, nothing else.

Our Prime Minister has lots of powers, and if he wants, we can give him even more power. If there are problems, they can be solved. He should first cancel that regulation restricting his term to a maximum of three. That is very unnecessary. Why three, or five or whatever? As long as he can, as long as Allah gives him the power to do that, he should stay on as the prime minister.

It’s very nice now, we have a President, a Prime Minister, it is a balanced system. The presidential system; Allah forbid, what if tomorrow a person comes up and says, ‘Why don’t we have a federal system’? And then things could completely take a turn for the worst. There is no need for that.

It is nice now, Turkey, as the main body, has to be strong. It won’t hurt if Syria divides, they can divide if they want. It’s ok if Iraq divides too, as long as Turkey is strong, as long as they are joined with Turkey. Then there would be no risk.

Because as long as the father is strong, he can easily guard and manage his children. He can show love and compassion, it doesn’t matter if there are thirty different parts. What would it change?

Turkey has cities, but there is a very strong central system. If there are problems with democracy, let more democracy flourish. Let there be more democracy, let people be more protected, let there be more security.  It is all very much desired, as long as Turkey is strong as one nation. (Adnan Oktar, May 25th, 2013: A9 TV)

2013-06-04 19:30:35

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