Adnan Oktar: ''World leaders must select a teacher of love for the solution of problems''

On his talk show, Adnan Oktar mentioned the divisions between Muslims and stated that a spiritual leader needed to be chosen for these to be overcome. He stated that all problems can be resolved under the arbitration of someone who is reasonable, full of love and has no worldly greed.

Comments by Daniel Pipes, who said that Muslims living in Syria should be left to fight it out among themselves, regarding Mr. Oktar’s statements were once again raised on the talk show on A9 TV. Mr. Oktar responded to Pipes as follows:

ADNAN OKTAR: I am not saying the opposition are all virtuous and the other side immoral. There is immorality on both sides. And both sides are partly in the right. But both sides are in a dead-end. Both sides are on the wrong path. I do not support any side. He has misunderstood that. That is not the case. Either I could not explain or he did not understand. I know the opposition consists of radicals. One can see that from their language and methods and everything. I know the other side is also very cruel and brutal. I say the matter will be resolved with the system of the Mahdi, by right-thinking, sensible people coming together. What I say is that a rational leader, a loving leader, needs to be chosen to bring them all to the table on conditions of peace, love and friendship, to bring about agreement on the fine basis of science, art and democracy, to establish peace and improve the environment. I am not saying it will all be milk and honey if the opposition takes over. America has power, Turkey has power and Iran has power as well. They should choose a lenient, rational person, not a whole team. If you have a team then you get conflict. One person; a reasonable, loving person with no lust for worldly things. Reaching a fine agreement that everyone would be content with, under his arbitration. This is the whole matter.

Mr. Oktar also noted the importance of overcoming sectarian differences if the false image of Muslims is to be altered and that Muslims need to become better quality and more open to beauty. He then issued this call to world leaders:

ADNAN OKTAR: Above all, there is a need for a leader. That is the Mahdi. A spiritual leader above all and who will refute their words is needed. Muhyiddin ibn ‘Arabi says, “When he (Hazrat Mahdi) comes, all will be null.” Some Muslims indoctrinate crudeness, lovelessness and ruthlessness, day and night. In fact, that region is a lovely one, a holy land, with obvious wealth.

Muslims must be spotlessly clean. There are flowing rivers everywhere, there is abundant water everywhere, we have the means, and you must be clean and well-groomed. Some of them try to solve matters by destruction, killing and bombing.

Rational world leaders must come together and find a lenient leader. Let them find a popular leader who eliminates this coarseness, who draws people to beauty, who does away with sects, but not by force, by telling the truth, who speaks of love and friendship and compassion, who speaks of goodness and beauty, but who is in command and influential. And that is the Mahdi.

World leaders must come together for that purpose. Tayyip Erdoğan, Putin, Obama and all of them. Let them find a leader for the Muslim world. A loving and reasonable teacher of love, whom everyone will like, with no worldly greed, who governs from home, as revealed in the hadiths, who seeks no rank or position, a man of love, not a politician. Let him teach love to the world.

Leave politics to politicians. They can keep on working, but the world needs the coming of a Mahdi. And let them pray to Allah for the coming of Jesus the Messiah. “No one despairs of solace from Allah except for people who are unbelievers” says Allah. It would be very wrong to lose hope. There’s nothing to lose. Let us have Islamic Union in full alliance with Christians.

The person they find must be transparent. Let him work hand in hand with Christians. Their phone conversations and discussions with him can be transparent if they are uneasy. Armaments must vanish from the world. Let us spend the money that goes on arms on food and cooking implements. Let us have fun and travel...

There is no need for terror, and this aspect of terror is idolatry. That is an abnormal act and therefore we are criticizing it. Otherwise, if they were to say God is One, why would we name that to be idolatry? We want them to be corrected, we are not putting them aside and we are sure they will better themselves. We believe that our Shia as well as Sunni brothers will be making themselves right in Syria. Currently, their leaders and the administration, the style and belief system are distorted and they ravage each other. God is giving them troubles, and that can be seen clearly. This is a sign, a clear evidence.

We are not in support of either of the sides in Syria because of their brutality. We are inviting both parties to love and peace. But in doing this they would not listen to the words of a scholar, an intellectual or any individual. There is need for a superior power over them. That will be over all and this may be achieved only by the Mahdi [King Moshiach], and by the Jesus Messiah (pbuh).

America is sincere and kind in their attitude, Turkey is sincere and Iran is sincere. And there are wise people in Syria. They may choose a person and declare that this person is truly compassionate, merciful and he invites everyone to goodness. They should say, “Let us choose a Teacher of Love.” This Teacher of Love is not a politician. He does not get involved in world politics. Politicians may get involved in this as it is their profession. But being a Teacher of Love is something else. They will select a Teacher of Love for the entire world. That person they will choose will be the Mahdi. They will select him as part of the destiny. They cannot choose any other person, and when that person is selected, I will be abiding by him. Because God will inspire that person in the hearts of people, all the world leaders will receive this inspiration from God and they will tell people to follow him. They should not fear that there could be a mistake and that there would be another, second person. They say what if they would follow a wrong person; there will be no such thing. What would that mean, acting outside the control of God, may God forbid. God will inspire you, and all the others like Obama, our Prime Minister, to Syria. And God is inspiring in the hearts of those people.

They will abide by the Mahdi and Mahdi will tell the ones in Syria that he wants to meet with his Shia brothers. “You perform your prayers meticulously, you have love of Allah and heed what is lawful and unlawful. And the Sunni are performing prayers meticulously, they heed what is lawful and unlawful and they have great love of Allah.” What is their difference? There is no difference among them. Then, it is satan that has troubled both parties and led them to idolatry. Satan is misguiding them to ravage each other. When we take away that idolatry from them, and that trouble is cleaned, then they will become pure Muslims. This is the matter. There is nobody that we are casting aside, that is not possible. There is also no person we would like to see dead or toppled down. There is only the requirement of a Teacher guiding them to love. Everyone will take this person’s word into account; this is what is needed.


2013-06-10 18:47:10

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