''Not having communism in the Southeast is also a blessing for the PKK.''

DİDEM ÜRER: A large number of PKK supporters posted messages on Facebook and Twitter about the distribution efforts of the book  “The Danger of a Communist Kurdistan” in Diyarbakir.

ADNAN OKTAR: Not having communism in the Southeast is also a blessing for the PKK. Communism would bring disaster to the PKK. It wouldn't be as they thought. It would destroy them and the people so not a single living thing would be left there, may Allah forbid.

Let’s have an Islamic Union instead of communism. Let there be art, democracy, freedom and beauty. Why communism? Why a communist dictatorship? Why violence? Our Kurdish brothers are religious. All religious scholars and saints are from the Southeast region. Let them live a free, comfortable and religious life. They are people with pride and honor. The people of the Southeast are just like the people of Anatolia and the rest of Turkey. Let them live in peace, comfort and joy in a religious way and having love for  Allah. We don't need to direct anyone’s religiousness in anyway. We must leave it to our people’s own faith. Anyone can take the manual of Islamic faith and read it when they want. They can learn what is right and wrong from the Internet, from television and from their mothers and fathers. Therefore we need to avoid such an attitude.

 (Adnan Oktar,  June 19th, 2013: A9 TV)

2013-07-05 21:37:40

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