''Oppression throws one's balance off, everyone should live the way they want''

Our people are beautiful. Turkey is beautiful. But the system needs to be secular. This must be protected. If people from every faith interpret religion and say “Believe as I believe” then this would be very wrong.

Mr. Tayyip must be very careful about secularism. But my advice is; follow a spirit of the Mahdi that is full of love towards all thoughts and faiths, because look in the system of the Mahdi, there is no hadith saying “pray in this way” or “fast like this.” There is perfect justice, perfect social justice, equality and economic prosperity. There is complete freedom, great security, a profound love, an amazing understanding of arts and great enthusiasm. People can pray whatever way they want. They can use headscarves if they want or wear something revealing. It would be wrong to have a dominance of conservative people with headscarves or a dominance of people and women who wear things more revealing. Everyone should live as they want and how they want.

There must be no intervention with the Internet, Facebook, Skype, people’s faith, people’s ideas and everyone shall be free. Religion would prosper in such an environment. Then even communists would pray if they wanted to.

When there is pressure, people’s pride is harmed. A man who normally wouldn't drink begins drinking. You would cause a man who will perform the prayer to avoid the prayer. Things would get out of control. Pressure throws people off balance. For example, I look and women who stand there alone are generally women whose heads are not covered. Very rarely are there  women who wear the headscarf. They are scared; “What if they make me wear the headscarf by force or what if there is peer pressure?.” They want to be like that.   They would cover their heads due to pressure. Think about the hatred it would cause. Think about the rage this would cause. They would be very disturbed. They would feel anger inside every moment. Why the need? People must be comfortable. Those who want to can go to the beach and those who want to can wear the burka. There must be complete freedom.

 (June 21st, 2013, Adnan Oktar: A9 TV)

2013-07-07 11:00:46

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