''They should protect our Alawite brothers and sisters; they are our heart, very good and loving people''

DİDEM ÜRER: You have a message from one of our brothers in Malatya: “Today we presented the books “Islam Denounces Terrorism”, “The Danger of a Communist Kurdistan” and “Only Love Can Defeat Terrorism”, to the President of the Hajji Baktashi Foundation Hasan Meseli. The President of the Hajji Baktashi Foundation Mr. Hakan said that we needed to be united against Marxist and Leninist organizations. He noted that they wanted the name of the third bridge to be “Hajji Baktashi Veli.” When I said “This is the wish of our Master Adnan as well” he was very pleased and he sent his regards.

ADNAN OKTAR: Masha’Allah. They must protect our Alawite brothers and sisters. They are our heart; they are very good and loving people. They are always for love. They are against bigotry. They have an open mind. They are secular and they defend secularism. They don't accept pressure in religion. They are perfect people in every way. Compassion towards Christians, compassion towards Jews and affection towards our Alawite brothers; this is very important.

The bridge must immediately be named as Hajji Baktashi Veli. We are kindly asking this from our President. This would be great; it would be an amazing beauty. Let’s use the name of Yavuz Sultan Selim again. Let’s use it somewhere else but as a gesture to our brothers and sisters, let’s name the third bridge as “Hajji Baktashi Veli” as an expression of love. This would be great. (June 21st, 2013, Adnan Oktar: A9 TV)

2013-07-07 11:02:35

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