Adnan Oktar’s request turned into a TT!

Adnan Oktar once again set the trends on Twitter. Following his request, hundreds of thousands of people tweeted the same hashtag making it the top trend.

Followed by 200.000 people on internet every day, Adnan Oktar rocked twitter yesterday. After he said that Morsi and his supporters should be released for peace to prevail, Adnan Oktar’s #releaseMorsi hashtag was tweeted simultaneously by hundreds of thousands, effectively making  #releaseMorsi TT immediately.

Adnan Oktar has repeatedly called for the release of Morsi and his supporters in Egypt for the peace to come. ‘However’ he says even that is not going to be a full solution: ‘We are living in the end of times, and all the signs of the end of the times have come true. Hz. Mahdi (as) is active at the moment, following the destiny created by God. In a couple of years, the whole world will understand that Hz. Mahdi (as) is the only solution and all the wars, blood and tears will come to an end by the means of Hz. Mahdi (As) insa’ Allah.”

2013-07-07 13:23:20

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