“The prayers should be for goodness, peace and love”

“It appears that some people have annoyed our Master Fethullah very much so he makes such a fervent prayer. Insha’Allah, may God give relief to the heart of our Master Fethullah. May God give relief to the heart of our Prime Minister as well. May God reconcile the hearts of all Muslims. May God protect all Muslims from disasters. May God protect their houses, the houses of all Muslims, the houses of our Master Fethullah and the houses of his students from disasters. May God protect our Prime Minister from disasters and give all Muslims peace and harmony, beauties and tranquility. May God excite the hearts of Muslims, may God give them strong faith. May Almighty God give Muslims the resolution and power to bring about Islamic Unity. May God make both of them the students of  Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh); may God make both us and them his students. May God make us and them the students of  Jesus Messiah (pbuh). May Almighty God honor us with being a witness to the peaceful, beautiful, warm days of Islam. 

Our Master Fethullah Gulen is a radiant person: Our Prime Minister Tayyip Erdoğan is a radiant person as well. May God give happiness, relief, goodness and beauty to all their hearts. May Almighty God adorn their hearts with the spirit of peace and bless their hearts, insha’Allah. May Almighty God take the prayers of our Master Fethullah to His Sight and cleanse him of his anger. May God turn that anger onto the persecutors, onto the enemies of Islam and onto the hypocrites. 

Consequently, Muslims should not imprecate each other. Let our Master Fethullah swallow his rage, his wrath as well. There is a verse about that in the Qur’an. God says that Muslims should “control their rage.” Almighty God says; “Make allowances for people, command what is right and turn away from the ignorant.”

The government would never side with thieves. If there is a thief, the laws would block their path anyway, the legal system would. However it really appears that there is a plot behind all these events. There have been some plots attempted  before, and because these latest events seem like they are the continuance of these, he might have been worried. It is an atrocious act to attempt to overthrow a government that came to power through democratic means; it is an atrocious act to attempt to overthrow them with petty tricks. If there is someone who committed theft, he would be sentenced because of that offense and serve his time in jail. If there is  fraud, those who are responsible will suffer the consequences; yet those are not the government’s concern.” (Adnan Oktar; December 21st, 2013: A9 TV)

2013-12-23 01:05:58

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