“Calming down dissension is a religious obligation”

 “What is going on right now is completely artificial. Satan must be rejoicing right now. Actually there is no need for this. Our PM Tayyip Erdoğan is a very reasonable, decent Muslim; so is Fethullah Hodja. He is a sincere Muslim who has devoted himself to God. The supporters of the AK Party are very devout people as well. The students of Fethullah Hodja are very devout. I mean these are all artificial and really unnecessary, in the strictest sense of the word. It has no meaning whatsoever. Everything they have, all their purposes, all their goals, their manners, even their understanding of democracy, their understanding of freedom and honesty are the same.

Attempting to shake the government to this extent, making Fethullah Hodja go completely off the rails- as he, himself puts it- all these [things] are completely artificial. There are agitators provoking both sides. They are agitating the government and they are agitating Fethullah Hodja as well. There are people reporting rumors to both parties saying, “This one said that to you” and saying “That one said this for you” back and forth. Saying “He said this to you” to one party and saying “This one said that to you”  to the other party: It is  impossible to keep up with this. 

Those people reporting  gossip back and forth are actually serving  satan and they are not even aware of it. One needs to be appeasing my brother, why is there the need for that? This is a very short life. Fethullah Hodja is an elderly person. Our PM Tayyip Erdoğan is not very young either; he is sixty years old as far as I know and he is serving this country very well. The economy is thriving, democracy is running smoothly, everything is going  very well. Turkey has started to prosper. The whole world is writhing under an economic crisis and Turkey is strong like a panther, Masha’Allah. Turkey is successful in almost everything. They should stop inventing problems, these are all unnecessary. 

Fethullah Hodja has reasonable students, let us get in contact with them and let us get in contact with leading figures in the government as well. It might an undersecretary or even maybe a Minister. What can happen - I mean a private meeting can be held, we can have a discussion with them as well. Let us calm every one down. If it had the faintest truth in it, I would have said there is  truth in this, there is a rightful struggle, but there are none! Zero! The whole matter is meaningless. They have invented troubles out of thin air. 

Let everything go back to where it was before. There is no need for a spirit that would rock the whole country. That is because, may God forbid, this might bring about a spirit of ambition to defeat the other party. The government might act ambitiously to defeat the Fethullah Hodja community and the community might act with ambition to defeat the government, and that would create a horrible struggle. That would only hurt the country, the nation, the state. That would even bankrupt the economy, may God forbid. That would even damage our military force; that would destroy everything we have. In a very short time, the unbelievers could attain what they had been expecting for centuries. They would cause the harm they couldn’t do in centuries in a fortnight. May God forbid. There is no need to invent such needless troubles.  

Satan has instigated this, created an ambition. I looked into the matter closely and I examined the claims; it is all fiction. Even if there is an offense, it is a petty offense, an ordinary crime. Let us assume that there really has been a fraud, let us assume that these kids acted wrongly in their ignorance: These things happen every single day in Turkey and everywhere else in the world. You take those who are guilty to prison and the matter would thus be solved. They can go and serve time in jail. What is so big about that? If they are not guilty, they would be acquitted. There is no need to rock Turkey. There is no need to create such tension. 

They are provoking both parties; that is not acceptable. We will not let that happen, we want both parties to calm down, insha’Allah. (Adnan Oktar; December 22nd, 2013: A9 TV)


2013-12-23 21:20:48

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