Adnan Oktar: "Let us make peace and unite so that the world will turn into Heaven on earth”

Mr. Adnan Oktar, who reviewed the comments regarding the relations between the AK Party and the Fethullah Gülen Community that has been brought to the agenda in his live broadcast conversation on A9TV, stated that disunity and a spirit of conflict has prevailed in the  world and reminded our people that they should avoid falling into such a trap. 

Mr. Adnan Oktar, with the hashtag #BarışalımBarıştıralım (LetUsMakePeaceAndReconcile) he started on Twitter, called the whole country to be conciliatory, constructive and consolidative instead of making the conflicts that take place in Turkey bigger than they actually are. Upon Mr. Oktar’s call, thousands of tweets have been written on Twitter and the hashtag #BarışalımBarıştıralım (LetUsMakePeaceAndReconcile) became one of the highest trending topic.



Here are the explanations Mr. Adnan Oktar made tonight regarding this:

Adnan Oktar: “Everywhere has turned into a bloodbath. The whole world screams out the absence of the system of the Mahdi. Lovelessness, mercilessness, cruelty, disunity and a spirit of conflict have enveloped the whole world. May God forbid; for instance, the latest events that have happened in Turkey are quite disturbing as well. Let us start a hashtag explaining this important matter and say #BarışalımBarıştıralım (LetUsMakePeaceAndReconcile).

Some people want to drive a wedge between a government on the right path and a community also on the right path.”

That is because there are some people who want to adopt a way of behavior that leads to a stalemate and that is  unacceptable. Some circles are enthusiastically watching the struggle of these two sides; they are watching these conflicts very excitedly. Actually that is very dangerous; both parties can play havoc with each other. That would have a very negative impact, may God forbid. I mean, only a very small structure could remain standing at the end of such events. I mean the struggle  between 90 and 10 would destroy both the 90 and the 10.

God has deemed Muslims’ struggle with other Muslims unlawful. God says; “When this is the case, I cause you to be defeated. If you struggle against each other, I take away your power, I take away your insight and foresight, I put fear into your hearts and you will thus be defeated.” That is why no one should ever encourage such a conflict. That would be very dangerous. 

What befits our PM Tayyip Erdoğan’s nobility is to kindly keep his silence and not to broach this subject.”

My humble request from our PM Tayyip Erdoğan is that he should not get into this matter. I mean this is what befits his nobility. He should kindly keep his quiet. He should give responses regarding other matters, but in my opinion, he should never get into this. 

Fethullah Hodja says that he said those things to the thieves, the ignoble, to those who are in the wrong and those who do unlawful acts.  Actually anyone can make mistakes, anyone can commit a sin. God says; “I forgive you if you repent.”

Fethullah Hodja made a statement, what does he say generally; “I have said all these to the thieves, the ignoble and to those who commit sins.” That is not acceptable either; anyone can commit a sin, anyone can do something unlawful. It is not acceptable to curse them either. They are Muslims as well, they are our brothers as well; if they have done a mistake, they would repent and God forgives those who repent. 

Muslims should be forgiving, they should be forgiving. But if we were to curse anyone who commits a sin, there would be no one on Earth. That is not acceptable. 

Only hypocrites are imprecated. I have said it that day, I asked God to lead all those curses towards the hypocrites. That is because the position of hypocrites is set forth clearly in the Qur’an. They really are treacherous and because they are treacherous, they will be cast into the deepest layer of hell, the fiercest level of it. There is no forgiveness for hypocrites in the Hereafter. That is why I have prayed to God to send all those curses of Fethullah Hodja upon the hypocrites and, insha’Allah, they’ve all gone onto the  hypocrites.

But it would not be acceptable if he now sends all his curses to those who commit sins. All those who commit theft, who commit burglary, all those who make raids are all human anyway. We have to pray for them as well. We have to pray to God for their betterment, for their guidance. We should make an effort for their goodness. 

If anyone commits a fraud he would serve time in  prison, that is okay, but that doesn’t push them out of Islam. They serve time in  prison for as long as they are sentenced. Then they leave   prison still as a Muslim. They still perform their prayers; they still can become people useful for Islam, for Muslims and for our country.  But hypocrites are fierce, even if they put them into jail, they would still act immorally, even if they leave they would still go on with their immoral behavior. They would still be after persecution. They would never let Muslims breathe. They would still be after cruelty, ruthlessness and treachery.

For that reason, let those curses of Fethullah Hodja be upon those hypocrites.  Insha’Allah, those curses have been forwarded to them: But this explanation of our Master is again  unacceptable. We kindly ask him to correct that once more. 

That is because people in prisons are there either because of burglary or fraud, or any other petty crimes, but when those people leave jail they can be devout Muslims as well, they can still be decent people; I mean they can repent and ask for forgiveness. I mean just because they have committed theft once before, how could it be  acceptable to say “May the curse of God be upon them”? A Muslim can commit any sin, but he asks for the forgiveness of God and repents. Actually, Muslims are asking for forgiveness day and night and one of the most prominent characteristics of a Muslim is his being forgiving.  In the Qur’an, Almighty God says; “Make allowances for people, command what is right and turn away from the ignorant” because that is a characteristic of ours, we need to act according to this characteristic. In other verses of the Qur’an, Almighty God commands us to be steadfast and to be forgiving. 

In the Qur’an God says; “If God were to take mankind to task for what they have earned, He would not leave a single creature crawling on it.” That is quite explicit. Almighty God wants Muslims to be saved. God says; “Make allowances for people, I will forgive your sins.”

One needs to avoid cursing people. The right thing to do is to pray to God that they do not repeat their mistakes and that they will be forgiven.”

For that reason one needs to avoid cursing people. One needs to pray to God for their guidance. One needs to ask for God’s forgiveness. Insha’Allah, the right thing to do is to pray to God to forgive them and to give them strength to avoid repeating their mistakes. 

Because God says Muslims are “...those who, when they act indecently or wrong themselves, remember God and ask forgiveness for their bad actions and do not knowingly persist in what they are doing.”  This is a verse of the Qur’an: That means Muslims might act indecently, but they do not knowingly persist in what they are doing.  God doesn’t say; “...they do not act indecently,” but He says; “...they do not knowingly persist in what they are doing.” They might make some mistakes; they might make mistakes because of their youth or an adult might also make a mistake, but they ask God to be forgiven and Muslims pray for their absolution.  We need to make an effort for their guidance, for their betterment, and we need to make an effort for their becoming good people.”(Adnan Oktar; December 23rd, 2013: A9 TV)

2013-12-24 20:48:09

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