“Isn’t it obvious that our PM Tayyip Erdoğan works for the good of our people?”

Our PM Tayyip Erdoğan is a right-minded person. Trying to misrepresent Tayyip Erdoğan as if he is a man with ill intentions would be a grave mistake. They are thus committing a sin, they are behaving shamefully. When looking at things rationally there is nothing that he does to the detriment of our people. All that he does is for the good of our people. He has no abnormal behavior.

I see nothing abnormal, nothing faulty in our PM Tayyip Erdoğan. Isn’t it obvious that he works for the good of our people? Let us say – for the sake of this argument- that some petty offenses have been committed. Just because four or five people committed such a petty offense, why should it have an impact on the whole Middle East? Crimes are committed everyday all around the world. You simply catch the offender and put him in prison and that would be it. And if they have done nothing wrong, they would be acquitted. Right? If they had done nothing wrong, you simply apologize and kiss him from his forehead. But instead they are trying to drag Turkey into a policy that would rock the whole Middle East. 

From my point of view, our PM Tayyip Erdoğan is only working for the Turkish people to be better off, for the Middle East to prosper; he has no agenda for his personal interest. What is more, Tayyip Erdoğan is not a person who would stoop to such things; he has nothing to do with worldly interests. He is sixty years old already and in two decades he will be eighty. Why would he have ambitions for such worldly interests?

I am not saying that a crime has been perpetrated, it might have been. Well, my brother these are all petty crimes, ordinary crimes, just put the man in jail. And that is it. Why do you rock Turkey, why  kick up a row? 

Fethullah Gülen unduly became a party in this but this is something that could be fixed very easily. In Islam, the essence is making peace and being forgiving. No one would have a say against the private teaching institutions. If that is where they earn their living, let them do so. They are not making a profit from something religiously unlawful, people wouldn’t send their children there if they don’t like them. Let me state it openly; those private teaching institutions will not be closed. 

Consequently, there is no need for all this tension, for all these harsh words. That is also valid for our PM Erdoğan; the whole nation believes in his sincerity. No matter who says what, he will get the people's support again. So he should keep his heart at ease. There would be no such problem for him. 

However in my opinion, it would be much more pertinent in the coming elections if he continues as the PM instead of becoming the President at such a time. If he attempts to become the President in such a chaotic environment, it appears to me that it would stir the pot. He should continue his mission as the Prime Minister and leave aside that principle of three terms limitation. Why should there be such a limitation? Let them be elected as much as the people of our country want them. There should be no limitation to that.

The people of this country will be by his side because he is an honest man. There is nothing that he does for his own interests; all that he does is for the people of this country, for this nation.  He is thinking about the Turkish people, he is thinking about the Iranian people, he is thinking about the Middle Eastern people. He did not accept America's command to "stand at attention", and that is all. He did not accept the American command.

Don't we have to be proud of having such a Prime Minister? Look, he is a person who openly advocates Islamic Union and the system of the Mahdi; he is saying this loud and clear.  If they attempt to eliminate such a fervent and diligent person just for such vain reasons, we will prevent that by laws and the legal system. They should not struggle desperately in vain; nothing will come out of this. (Adnan Oktar; December 23rd, 2013: A9 TV)

2013-12-28 01:37:23

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