Why does the use of evolutionists" quotations make evolutionists so uneasy?

Many quotations representing admissions by evolutionists are used on our web site.

Many quotations representing admissions by evolutionists are used on our web site.
For example:

  • No matter how large the environment one considers, Life cannot have had a random beginning.1
  • Although an almost incomprehensible number of species inhabit Earth today, they do not form a continuous spectrum of barely distinguishable intermediates. Instead, nearly all species can be recognized as belonging to a relatively limited number of clearly distinct major groups...2
  • No one has ever produced a species by mechanisms of natural selection. No one has ever got near it and most of the current argument in neo-Darwinism is about this question.3
  • No matter how numerous they may be, mutations do not produce any kind of evolution.4
  • It is not that the methods and institutions of science somehow compel us to accept a material explanation of the phenomenal world,…5

Evolutionists resort to various tactics in order to distract attention from these quotations, which reveal the lack of evidence for their theories, and instead of providing evidence, prefer to object to the use of quotations. They imagine that saying, “Look, the authors of these words are not people who deny evolution, so do not be misled by the use of such statement against evolution” will justify their position. Or that is the impression they seek to give.

The fact is, however, that these objections are both unfounded and invalid. Because the fact that those who make such admissions are actually evolutionists is particularly emphasised in the texts. The use of expressions such as “ as ………. an evolutionist molecular biologist has admitted…” or “despite being an evolutionist, the palaeontologist …… admits that…….” makes it clear that the quotations cited are in fact taken from proponents of evolution.

The deliberate provision of quotations taken from proponents of evolution is of enormous importance in terms of their effect. Because through such words evolutionists confess the inconsistencies in their theory. The invalidity of the theory is revealed in evolutionists’ own words.

When a palaeontologist who has spent decades studying the fossil record admits the absence of intermediate forms, or when an expert on genetics admits that mutations have no evolutionary power, no room for doubt is left regarding the truth of their words. It is therefore essential that such statements should be publicly aired.

Evolutionists’ aims in objecting to the use of such quotations is to obscure the truth they reveal about their theory and to distract people’s attention from it.

Obviously, were intermediate forms to exist, or were mutation and natural selection to have been observed to develop biological systems containing new genetic information, there would be no need for evolutionists to make such admissions nor for them to be used against evolution.

Evolutionists’ objections to the use of quotations consist of demagoguery aimed at moving the debate into other areas, and serve no purpose whatsoever. The latest quotations revealing the despair faced by evolutionists will very definitely continue to be employed. At least until science is rid of this outdated theory, which is no more than materialist dogma.



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