The Cambrien Deadlock Of Evolutinists Is Getting Broader

In its February 1999 issue, the prominent science magazine TIG dealt with the issue of Cambrian period, one of the greatest deadlocks of evolution.

In its February 1999 issue, the prominent science magazine TIG dealt with the issue of Cambrian period, one of the greatest deadlocks of evolution.

In the article it was accepted that evolutionists could not never bring an explanation to the fossils found in Burgess Shale fossil layer in British Columbia, Canada.

The fossil bed in Burgess Shale is agreed to be one of the most important paleontological findings of our age. There is one important attribute of the fossils found in this region: they belong to different species and they appeared in the fossil record all of a sudden, having no ancestors in other fossil layers.

However, evolution theory holds that species descended from other species by fine gradations.

Burgess Shale fossils and similar other paleontological findings indicate just the contrary however; they all reveal that species appeared on Earth all of a sudden and fully formed.


TIG magazine devotes considerable space to this paleontological problem Darwinism faces stating that it may seem odd that these fossils, uncovered in a rather small region, are in the middle of a fervent argument about this great problem of evolution biology. The magazine continues that what causes these fervent arguments is the fact that species living in Cambrian region emerged so suddenly and completely without having any link or any transitional form between them and the unicellular organisms which were the only life forms on earth prior to them. According to TIG, more certain results of radiometric dating or new fossil findings only verify the suddenness and scope of this biological revolution. TIG concludes that the greatness of the change in this life form on earth requires a satisfactory explanation and despite the many thesis put forward, non of them proved to be compelling.


These non-compelling views surely belong to evolutionists. TIG mentions two prominent evolutionist about this issue: Stephen J. Gould and Simon Conway Morris. Both of them wrote books to explain how fossils in Burgess Shale emerged suddenly from the evolutionist standpoint. However, neither Gould"s book Wonderful Life nor Morris"s The Burgess Shale and the Rise of Animals bring an explanation for Burgess Shale fossils or the fossils that emerged in Cambrian period as TIG magazine also underlines.

The factual result revealed by fossil records is apparent enough to be seen by every one except those who are blindly attached evolution: Fossils reveal that living organisms suddenly appeared on Earth altogether in perfect form. This is surely a clear evidence of the fact that living organisms are created by Allah separately.

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