People's appearances will be impaired and ugly in the end times

In the hadith our Prophet (saas) reveals that people’s appearances will change in the End Times. They will become ugly and no longer look “human,”” they will become as unattractive as pigs and apes, their faces will become lightless, devoid of expression and common, they will loose all human form, and will become joyless and soulless.

From Aysha: «AT THE END OF THIS COMMUNITY, it will collapse AND CHANGE APPEARANCE and stones will rain down...»

(Muhammad Ibn Rasul Al Hussein Al Barzanji, Portents of Doomsday, p. 111)

In the End Times there will be collapse and stones will rain down AND PEOPLE WILL NO LONGER LOOK HUMAN.

(Sahl Ibn Saad, Ramuz Al Ahadith, Vol. 2, p. 302/8)

(Ibn Majah) from Abi Umama: «ONE GROUP FROM MY COMMUNITY will eat, drink amuse themselves and in the morning THEY WILL RISE AS APES AND PIGS...»

(Al-Tabarani) (Muhammad ibn Rasul Al Hussein Al Barzanji, Portents of Doomsday, p. 111)

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