The titles of Hazrat Mahdi (as)

AL-MAHDI: He who has been rightly guided

AL-HADI: He who guides, leads to the true path

AL-QA’IM: He who arises for truth

AL-HUJJAT: Definitive proof that cannot be denied

AL-MUNTADHAR: The awaited one

MAHDI AL-MUNTADHAR: The awaited Mahdi

IMAM AL-MUNTADHAR: The awaited imam (spiritual leader)

KHALAF AL-SALIH: The righteous successor (spiritual leader)

MANSUR: Divinely aided

SAHIB AL-AMR: The one who is entrusted with the Divine command

SAHIB AZ-ZAMAN: The master of the age

WALI AL-’ASR: The guardian and sole guide of the era

MAHDI AL-MAWUD: The promised Mahdi

IMAM AL-’ASR: Imam (spiritual leader) of the era

SAHIB AD-DAR: The master (spiritual leader) of the abode  

BAQIYATULLAH: Last guide and spiritual leader of Allah remaining on Earth

QA'IM AL-MUHAMMAD (AS):A member of the Prophet’s (saas) family who would rise  

AL-KHATIM: One who terminates, the last one


Abd al-Malik al-Shafi'i al-Makki al-'Isami (1111): A well-known historian living in Mecca. In his four-volume work known as the Simt al-Nujum al'awali he writes: “Among the names of Hazrat Mahdi (as) are HUJJAT, KHALAF  AL-SALIH, QA’IM, MUNTADHAR, SAHIB AZ-ZAMAN AND, BEST KNOWN OF ALL, HAZRAT MAHDI (AS)...(Simt al-Nujum al'awali, Vol. 4, p. 138)


Al-Qaraghulli writes in his Jawharat al-Kalam: “... The names of Hazrat Mahdi (as) are THE MAHDI, QA’IM, MUNTADHAR, SAHIB AZ-ZAMAN, HUJJAT...” (Al-Qaraghulli, Jawharat al-Kalam fee Madh as-Sadah al-A’lam, p. 157)


Al-Arif Abdul Rahman Sufi is the author of the Persian-language book Mir’at al-Asrar. Shah Wali Allah Dahlawi, father of Abdul Aziz Dahlawi, author of the book Ithna Ashariya, quotes from him in his Al Intibah Fi Salasil e Awliya Allah, saying this of the Imam az-Zaman [Hazrat Mahdi (as)]: ... [THE NAMES OF HAZRAT MAHDI (AS)] ARE THE MAHDI, HUJJAT, QA’IM, MUNTADHAR AND SAHIB-AZ ZAMAN.

Umar ibn Zahir relates:

"Someone asked Imam Jaffar Sadik, ‘Can we address the Qaim [Hazrat Mahdi (as)] as the Amir al-Muminin (Commander of the Faithful)?’ The imam replied; ‘No...’ The man then asked, ‘HOW CAN I GREET HIM?’ HE ANSWERED: ‘GREETINGS TO YOU O BAQIYATULLAH.’"

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