A Group That Fought with The Prophet (saas) in The Battle of Badr Will Be Struggling with Hazrat Mahdi (as) and His Followers

Ghaibat   Nomani: It is narrated   from Muhammad   bin Hamam from Muhammad bin Hasan bin Jamhur together from Hasan bin Muhammad  bin Jamhur from his father from Samaa from Abul Jarud from Qasim bin Walid from Hamadani from  Harith  Awar  Hamadani  that  he said: 

Amirul Momineen  (a.s.) said from the pulpit:

“Imam of the age [before the appearance of Mahdi] and the hearts begin to turn here and there; some fertile and some barren, then the ill- wishers will perish, the vanishers will vanish and the believers will remain and how few they will be; 300 or a little more! A group (of angels) that has fought with the Prophet (s.a.w.s.) in the battle of Badr, that none of them has been killed or has died, will fight with them (with the Imam [Mahdi] and his followers).”

2013-07-18 09:44:02

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