Our Prophet (saas) foretold the current incidents in Syria 1400 years ago

It is narrated from the chains of Ali ibn Ahmad Ubadullah ibn Musa from Muhammed ibn Musa from Ahmad ibn Abu Ahmad from Ismail ibn Ayash from Muhajir ibn Halim from Mugira ibn Saad from Imam Muhammed Baqir:

"Amirul Momineen (as) said: "When the two spears (armies) disagree in Shaam, it will not come to an end except with a sign of God." He was asked: "What is it, Amirul Momineen?",


He sead: "It is an earthquake in Shaam where more than a hundred thousand people perish. God will make it as mercy to the believers and torment upon the disbelievers. When that occurs you will see the riders of gray horses with yellow banners coming until it stops at Shaam...There will be great terror and red death. Then you see the sinking of one of the villages of Sham called Haresta. Then the son of the liver-eater will come out of the Yabis valley to sit on the pulpit of Damascus. After that you expect the appearance of the Mahdi (as).Ghaibat Nomani 


President Abdullah Gül stated that the casualties in Syria has reached hundred thousand, and added, "Chemical weapons that have caused mass massacres have been used and almost half of the Syrian population has been made refugees.



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