Very few people will recognize the Prophet Jesus (as) when he returns to earth

As a result of the erroneous opinions, negative activities and propaganda techniques listed throughout this section, the number of people who recognize the Prophet Jesus (as) during the early years of his return will be very small. The great Islamic scholar Bediuzzaman Said Nursi has also described this state of affairs that will apply in the End Times:

When the Prophet Jesus (as) comes, it is not necessary that everyone should know him to be the true Jesus (as). His elect and those close to him will recognize him through the light of belief. It will not be self-evident so that everyone will recognize him. (Bediuzzaman Said Nursi, Letters, p. 60)

In another extract, Bediuzzaman describes how the Prophet Jesus (as) will not be recognized by the great majority of society:

Indeed, including his descent, and that the Prophet Jesus (as) is himself Jesus, is known by the light of his faith; not everyone will know. (Bediuzzaman Said Nursi, Rays, p. 487)

According to that quotation, when the Prophet Jesus (as) returns to Earth, he himself will not know that he is the Prophet Jesus (as), and will only come to realize this later. His disciples will only be able to recognize him from the light of his faith. But society in general will not recognize him. On the contrary, as a result of the indoctrination and propaganda inflicted on society by the antichrist, the great majority of people will be hostile to and struggle to neutralize him.

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