Our Prophet (saas) gave the news that cruel dictators will appear in the End Times one after another


People like Mao, Stalin, Hitler, Lenin, Mussolini, Saddam, Hafiz Azad and the despotic regimes currently available in many Asian and South American countries indicate that these hadith have already come true.


4420- Muawiya b. Abu Sufyan related: I heard from Rasulullah saying:

“THERE WILL APPEAR EMIRS (DICTATORS) FROM WHOM PEOPLE WILL HAVE FEAR TO RESPOND. Those emirs will be thrown in fire. Then they will follow one another. (Ibn Hajar al-Askalani, al-Matalib al-`Aliya)

4417- Abu Huraira accounted from Rasulullah:

“Following me such leaders will come that IF YOU OBEY THEM THEY WILL DIVORCE THEM FROM THE FAITH, IF YOU REBEL AGAINST THEM THEY WILL KILL YOU, they are the imams of disbelief and the chiefs of perversion.” (Ibn Hajar al-Askalani, al-Matalib al-`Aliya) 

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