Appearance of ignorant scholars in sheep's clothing is one of the portents of Hazrat Mahdi's (as) coming

Unless otherwise the following occur the night and day continuesunabated (The Day of Judgment does not come):

As long as the Qur’an is not torn like a dress and is erased from the hearts of this ummah [community], and they do not take pleasure from everything but the Qur’an…As long as all their deeds do not consist solely of ambition…As long as they do not console themselves when they do not exactly comply with Allah’s orders...As long as they do not say, “Allah is Great, He will forgive us anyway” whenever they perpetrate Allah’s commands…BECAUSE THEY ARE LIKE BEASTS IN SHEEP’S CLOTHING …The best of them (in their time) are those “sycophants”who are unable to enjoin the truth and forbid the evilout of their fear…(Abu Nu’aimM’aqilibnYasar (ra))

When the Day of Judgment draws close people will keep puppies and this will please them more than having their own child. There will no longer be respect for the old and compassion for the young. The children of adultery will multiply….SAVAGE PEOPLE WILL BE IN SHEEP’S CLOTHING.(At-Tabarani and HaqimAbûZar (ra))

2011-02-07 12:13:06

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