Bediuzzaman said that the dajjal would take advantage of the fragmentation of the Islamic world and take them captive with very little force


… O Believers! Do you know how many tribes of enemies have taken up position to attack the people of belief? There are more than a hundred of them, like a series of concentric circles. THE BELIEVERS ARE OBLIGED TO TAKE UP DEFENSIVE POSITIONS IN SOLIDARITY, EACH SUPPORTING THE OTHER. IS IT THEN AT ALL FITTING FOR THE PEOPLE OF BELIEF THAT WITH THEIR ENVIOUS PARTISANSHIP AND HOSTILE RANCOUR THEY SHOULD FACILITATE THE ATTACK OF THE ENEMY AND FLING OPEN THE DOORS FOR HIM TO PENETRATE THE FOLD OF ISLAM? There are maybe seventy circles of enemies, including the misguided, the atheist, and the unbeliever, each of them as harmful to you as all the terrors and afflictions of this world, and each of them regarding you with greed, anger and hatred. Your firm weapon, shield and citadel against all of them is none other than the brotherhood of Islam. So realize just how contrary to conscience and to the interests of Islam it is to shake the citadel of Islam on account of petty hostilities and other pretexts! Know this, and come to your senses!

According to a noble Hadith of the Prophet (saas), noxious and awesome persons like sufyan and the dajjal will come to rule over the godless at the end of time, AND EXPLOITING THE GREED, DISCORD AND HATRED AMONGST THE MUSLIMS AND MANKIND, THEY WILL NEED ONLY A SMALL FORCE TO REDUCE HUMANITY TO ANARCHY AND THE VAST WORLD OF ISLAM TO SLAVERY.(Letters / Twenty - Second Letter - First Topic- p. 319)

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