Our Prophet (saas) said that Hazrat Mahdi's (as) name would be compatible with his own name and also would be like the name of a prophet

4553- Ibni Kurra reported that Rasulullah (saas) said:
“The world will be filled with oppression and tyranny. And when oppression and tyranny fill the world, Almighty Allah WILL SEND ONE FROM AMONG THE UMMAH (HAZRAT MAHDI (AS) WHOSE NAME RESEMBLES MINE OR THAT OF A PROPHET He will fill the Earth with justice. At that time, the sky will hold back not one drop of rain and nowhere will be devoid of flourishing plants. That person from among the Ummah will remain seven or eight or nine years.” (Haris) (Ibn Hajar Askalani, Metalib-u Aliye)

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