Hazrat Mahdi (as) will wage an intellectual campaign for the correct interpretation of the Qur'an

Rasulullah (saas) said to Ammar ibn Yasir;

He will have a long period when he disappears from sight, and some people will lose their faith during that time, while another group preserve their faith. He (Harat Mahdi (as)) will appear in the End Times and fill the world with justice. He (Hazrat Mahdi (as)) WILL STRIVE TO EXPLAIN THE WORD OF ALLAH, as I strove for the coming down (revelation) of the word of Allah. O Ammar... He of all people will be the one who most resembles me.” (Kifayet’ül Eser, İlzam-ün Nasib, Vol. 1, p. 98)

2011-04-09 13:12:24

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