Not to hesitate in trusting Muslims…

One of the things people find most difficult is "trusting someone". They can establish friendships with people compliant with their own ideas, their own points of view and their personalities, and feel love and respect towards those people within certain conditions.  However when something that requires them to show that they really trust them happens, they instantly step back. 

They do not feel trust towards anyone but themselves in the true meaning. Not to their spouses, not to their parents, not to their children, not their friends not their relatives. We come across talks almost everywhere which states that people who have been married for years still do not trust their spouses. The proverbs like "you should not trust even your own father", is an important indicator showing that people are approaching even their next to kin skeptically. 

People living all their lives witnessing this distrust people have towards each other, continue with this same suspicious and uneasy approach towards the people they have around them. 

There is of course a very high amount of rightfulness in that uneasiness of people. That is because some friends who allegedly say that they are the closest ones, married people who are bound to each other with wows of loyalty or even the members of the same family can easy talk behind each other, observe each other secretly and suspect each other. They see no harm in telling lies to each other even about the most ordinary matters.  They never entrust each other something valuable, a possession, any goods or money.  They never have a property registered in each other's name.  Even in inevitable situations they cannot give each other their wallets, bags or the keys of their houses. They live with the danger of being played with and stabbed from behind by the people they think are closest to them. 

For all these reasons, it is acceptable to have difficulty in trusting people who live by the morality of ignorance. That is because there are rightful reasons for such distrustfulness.  However there is no explanation for hesitating to trust Muslims. This is because Muslims are people who remain outside all these models people are accustomed to see around.  Because Muslims fear Allah. They know that they will give account of every good and bad deed they have done in the Hereafter. For that reason, they never tell lies. They never display disingenuous manners towards people. They never talk behind people, they don't gossip. They are the ones who know how to love and beloved, who knows respect, friendship, loyalty, fidelity, goodness, good morality the best on earth.  They never say things that they will not do. They never make promises that they won't be able to keep. They do not harm anyone. They never harm anyone's life or possessions. They painstakingly protect what is entrusted to them. When they are given a secret, they do not disseminate that to people around insincerely.  They do not betray people, they never exploit the trust people feel for them. 

Consequently it is not acceptable to have difficulty in trusting a Muslim. If it is apparent that a person fears Allah and keeps away from doing something wrong due to this fear, if he abides by the morality of the Qur'an, one can trust that person without ever thinking.  One can comfortably entrust his possessions, his life, his belonging that he sees most valuable spiritually and materially in this world to that person.  He can completely trust the words, love, respect and loyalty of the Muslims. He can place his trust completely in that person having no different or secret side other that what is visible and that no harm will ever come from that person.  He can completely trust that a Muslim will keep his faithful friends above his own lower self in watching over and protecting, in compassion and mercy, in providing material and spiritual support.  

For that reason it is completely inappropriate for a Muslim to be wary towards Muslims. That is because a Muslim is a straight out person. Because of his fear of Allah he never approaches to bad manners. Muslims assume all the goodness and beauties people are aware of on earth on themselves. For that reason the place in which Muslims live is the most secure place of all. Almighty Allah revealed this fact in the Qur'an as follows:

Your friend is only Allah and His Messenger and those who have faith: those who establish prayers (salat) and pay alms (zakat), and bow. (Surat Al-Ma'ida: 55)

As for those who make Allah their friend, and His Messenger and those who have faith: it is the party of Allah who are victorious! (Surat Al- Ma'ida: 56)

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