While Awaiting for Islam Messiah, Mahdi

Shia Muslims have been waiting for 12th Imam who is a descendant of the Prophet Muhammad (may God bless him and grant him peace), alias Imam Mahdi, to come to the Earth. Ahmadinejad, the president of Iran Islamic Republic, has assumed the role of leadership for those waiting for the coming of Mahdi. Ahmadinejad states, in every speech, that he waits for Imam Mahdi whose coming is soon, and tells that Mahdi comes during the time of end times, before his appearance there will be a period of chaos on earth and when he comes at such a time, he will bring peace and welfare to the earth. He also states that Imam Mahdi will meet the Prophet Jesus and circumambulate the Kaaba with Jesus. He affirms that the Prophet Jesus will practice the Qur’an, not Bible, hence all Christian society will be Muslims. Beside Ahmadinejad, who states at every opportunity that he is one of those who strongly make preparations for the coming of Imam Mahdi and prays for his coming, there are a lot of Shia leaders who also believe the coming of Imam Mahdi soon and pray for it.

Indeed, most of the signs of end times which were announced by the Prophet Muhammad 1400 years ago and expected to occur before second coming of Jesus and appearance of Imam Mahdi, have become true one after another. InshaAllah, with permission of Allah, these happy days which have been awaited by Muslims at every corner of the world with a great enthusiasm and excitement, are very soon. With coming of Imam Mahdi, all the trouble, difficulties and oppression seen in Islamic world and in whole world at large will come to an end. Prevalence of Islamic ethics will give rise to a state of peace, welfare and security all over the world.

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