Sarkozy: "Arabic is the language of the Future"


French President Nicolas Sarkozy’s great sympathy and interest in Islam religion is again reflected in a way with his statements about “Arabic language”. The news report covered in Euronews website, is as follows:

“The French government is strongly advocating the teaching of Arabic language and civilization in French schools.”

Stressing the importance of cross-cultural dialog, the President Sarkozy said:

“Arabic, the language of the future, of science and of modernity”, and he expressed the hope that “more French people share in the language that expresses great civilization and spiritual values.

The positive approach shown by Nicolas Sarkozy and other prominent world leaders towards Islam, Muslims and morals of the Qur’an is certainly crucial. All such developments indicate that Islam is increasingly spreading and embraced with great admiration all over the world.

2008-09-15 00:00:00

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