A place of worship was opened for students of other faiths at Hamburg University

A place of worship was opened for students of other faiths at Hamburg University Campus in Germany.

The opening hosted Prof. Monika Auweter Kurtz, the rector at Hamburg University, Peter Thomas Ferencik; a representative of Hamburg Catholics High School, some other representatives of various religions and the members of Hamburg University Muslim Students Association together with many other guests joined in the opening.

Rector Kurtz expressed that there are many students of various cultures and faiths who study at Hamburg University and everybody has the right of worshipping God according to his own tradition and belief.

“The place in question is going to be used not only by Muslim students but also students of other religions. We need to be tolerant to each other in these days when weaving dialogue between different faiths and cultures is on the agenda. Everybody desires to live in an environment where peace and freedom of faith prevails.” said Kurtz.

Likewise, Ferencik stated that common denomination of the religions bases on the freedom of faith and that people from different religions should be able to express their ideas freely.

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 Vakit, 19 June 2009

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