The Roman Mayor’s mosque opening sets a good example to Europe

While the reactions carry on regarding Switzerland’s banning the minarets, Romania sets a good example to the Europe.

Cumpana Mayor of Constanta initiated a mosque establishment to meet the requirements of the Muslim community. The construction of the mosque that has been started in September is expected to be completed in two years. The project that is estimated to cost 500 thousand Euros will be covered by the Municipality and EU funds.

Mariana Gaju, the Mayor who is applauded for her equivalent approach to her voters possesses the project with these words; “I have two magnificent churches established in our town. Now this mosque will possess the same beauty. This is my duty as a Mayor since our children will learn about their religion and their origin at this mosque.” Gaju, who defines herself as “someone, who was born and bred up among her Muslim brothers and sisters” criticized European Countries for their manners against the Muslim communities. Gaju also stated that for 500 years, the Muslim and Christian Communities have been living together and the Muslims have taught them a lot. “We need to open new doors to establish harmony, peace and tolerance among the people.” said Gaju.

The Muslim Community of 200 people in Cumpana Town who eagerly looks forward to embrace this modern mosque, explains that the offer of “a bigger mosque construction” in the town came from the Mayor.

2009-12-15 00:00:00

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