Great Excitement in the States

A hair of the Prophet Muhammad’s (saas) beard, what remained from the Prophet Muhammad (saas), also known as sacred relic is opened to visit at Ulucami (Grand Mosque) in New Jersey. During a week, it will be on display after Friday prayers and Tarawih prayers. First day, it was visited by approximately 400 Muslims. With an accompaniment of salat and salaams, many muslims couldn’t hold back their tears, when they saw the hair of the Prophet Muhammad’s (saas) beard. It was brought by means of Ulucami Association as a Ramadan suprise for Muslim Turkish congregation. It also had great interest last year.  Ulucami Association Chairman Sinan Gegre, “Allah has willed it, we brought here our Prophet’s (saas) hair from his beard. We are happy because we had this opportunity. Our congregation can visit the sacred relic until next week.”

2009-08-27 00:00:00

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