Converted to Islam on the way to Gaza

English citizen Peter Venner (63), who participated in the ‘On the road to Palestine, Gaza’ drive, embraced Islam two days before he got on board the ship Mavi Marmara. Venner who changed his name to Muhammad told that he will surely participate again in case of any new drive fleet set sail. “This is a human tragedy. Nobody can keep his silence to that call for help if he has a conscience.”  Mehmet Serif Neziplioglu from Gaziantep, Turkey, an Al – Azhar graduate, expressed that he met Muhammad on the ship and taught him how to read the Qur’an; “We were always together on the ship. Muhammad is very clever… He learned to read the Qur’an only in two hours. We will see each other in the future.” Said Neziplioglu.

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