Why did the famous footballer pick number 19?

Lorik Cana born in July 27th, 1983 is an Albanian footballer who currently plays for Galatasaray and the Albanian National Football Team. Lorik Cana, who wore the number 19 while playing at Paris Saint-Germain in France and at Marseille, continued to wear the number 19 also in Sundarland where he played for the last season. While signing a business contract with Galatasaray, Cana told the administrators that he would like to wear the number 19 if it is possible.

Here is the reason behind the Albanian football star’s insistence on the number 19: “I have been wearing the number 19 since the beginning of my football career. I have begun in Paris. I am a religious person and I know that this number is mentioned in the Holy Qur’an for many times. At first, I wore without thinking in this way, but then I wanted to carry it on my back all along my career taking into consideration the connection between the Qur’an and the number 19!”

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