A Canadian Muslim says: ""I pray for my Mom to make her believe in the true religion.""

Emmanuel Rovithis, a 23 years old Canadian, the son of a Greek father and a Polish mother, converted to Islam last year. Emmanuel who grew up in a Catholic family and visited church thoughout his life expressed that he was leading a religious life before converting to Islam but had never believed in the trinity: “although I was going to church every Sunday and read Bible with youth groups, I have always believed that Allah exists and there is Only one God; Allah. All the prophets including Moses (as), Jesus (as) and Mohammed (saas) communicated the Oneness of Allah and in their own language they said; ‘La ilaha illa Allah’ (There is no god but Allah). There is no controversy in here.  Muslim scholars or even ordinary Muslims can prove this by giving examples from the Bible, from the Qur’an and also from science.”
Emmanuel puts Islam apart from other religions and says: “All religions teach us that salvation is possible through belief. Islam, on the other hand, defines faith with evidence. In the Qur’an Allah reveals that only professing ‘I believe’ is not enough for salvation but a sincere belief coming from the heart is essential. This is not something a man-made religion can put forth.”

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