The Swedish Government allows the wearing of the hijab and prayers to be performed publicly

The Swedish Government has publicly announced that it has already accepted Muslim women to wear the hijab (headscarf) and for people to perform prayers at public offices.

Some discussions were started after a Muslim female reporter’s recruitment application for state media caused more rights for Muslim public employees. The Swedish Ministry of Justice has concluded on the religious duties as wearing of the hijab and performing prayers at public offices.

According to the Turkish Deutsche Welle, it was announced that wearing of the hijab and performing prayers at state offices are officially allowed at the State Railways, the Civil Aviation Authority and the Postal Administration as well as cantonal or federal offices of the Swedish State.

In his interview with Turkish Deutsche Welle, Marc Schinzel , Press Spokesman of the Ministry of Justice, emphasized the secular structure of the State and explained: “We do not interfere on the appearance of anybody.”

The Swedish State Media Internet portal’s presently being managed by women wearing a hijab is a good example that a working Muslim woman wearing a hijab can freely build a career at a state office.

Marc Schinzel, Press Spokesman of the Swedish Ministry of Justice, expressed that public employees should also be allowed to perform prayers. Rest areas at the offices are offered to the employees who would like to perform prayers.

Yeni Akit, 14 January 2011

2011-01-14 00:00:00

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