Universe is formed out of nothing - Dr. Jeff Zweerink, Astrophysicist

Well, I would say that, if you look back through history, starting in the 1900's when Einstein proposed the theory of relativity it looked like there was a beginning of the universe, and scientists tried to get around that, and eventually they measured the expansion and they said, lo and behold, there is a beginning of the universe. They said maybe there is an oscillating universe or maybe it is a steady state universe and so there is no beginning. And eventually the data drove us back to know what really looks like there is a beginning. And then the 70's and 80's, well maybe the multiverse kids around the beginning, and now even that ends up with the beginning. So really to answer that question we need to have that quantum period gravity; but as I look through the history of the 1900's and early 20th century, the data seems to keep pushing us back to a beginning. So is it proving beyond the shadow of a doubt, no, but the data seems to keep pushing us back to the idea that the universe indeed began to exist.

2016-10-19 13:29:56

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