The assignee of Sheikh Nazim al-Qubrusi, Sheikh Ahmet Yasin's comments about Mr. Adnan Oktar's works

Sheikh Ahmed Yasin: Try and be a soldier for Hazrat Mahdi (as)  and my actual speech about this point will be a little later  I will talk about this within my conversation.

 Every matter has its own expert. Right?  About this matter the websites of Harun Yahya, Mr. Adnan Oktar  should definitely be clicked on about Hazrat Mahdi (as)  and listen to what he says as he has been specialized on that matter.  He is the master in that.. I mean he has developed himself. Actually ask about Hazrat Mahdi (as) to me and ask him  I can explain 10%, the other 20%, the other 50% and another 80%.

But he, he explains 100%.  About the other matters come and ask them from me I can tell you about those. The verses and the hadiths.. Actually you can learn about the words of the Islamic scholars from him. See that the aim is never to be a slave to a servant of Allah, it is to be a servant to Allah. A person who is a servant to Allah would be like a bee he would get honey wherever he finds it.

Alright why does Mr.Harun Yahya continuously talk about Mahdi (as)?  If you ask me I'd say he is most probably commissioned a special task about this matter. Almighty Allah had given him that task, he has to talk about it. I have said before as well; is everyone a ironsmith? Is everyone a carpenter, is everyone a tailor, or a barber?  Is everyone a doctor or a lawyer?  That means everyone has a branch, a section, a talent.   And they live upon and work upon that state of mind right?  That means Almighty Allah has assigned him with a spiritual mission, he is charged with that duty so he constantly talks about Mahdi (as). People asked me several times,  they have been asking many times before as well,  asking "why is he constantly talking about this?" Look, what he is doing is even less that what he should. Why, because words constitute spell. Spell is a game of the satan.   It is the plot of the anti-Christ, he has cast a spell on all people, he has enchanted them, for that reason that spell of the satan should be broken by continuously telling the rightful words, the spell of the anti-Christ should be broken, they should talk about it even more.  We have been telling you about the truth and how much does it have an effect?  We keep saying the same things over and over fifty time, We say I have been telling this a hundred times, there is such a saying in Turkish. Why? To express multitude, and we say you barely understood, right?  That means that seeds of absentmindness has just been thrown out of you and you have just now grasped the divine matter. 

They are to talk about it time on and on and on, they are to break the spell of the satan and the anti-Christ, over the people, over the ummah of Mohammed (saas). Let people know that the Mahdi (as) will come and let them get prepared for him. Mahdi (as) has come, he is alive and is on his task, there is a very little time left.  Almighty Allah has charged Mr. Harun Yahya with this mission,  and he is doing that, may Almighty Allah increase his strength.  Service is our task, see that we have sacrificed animals for Allah right?   What have we done, we have given iftars, we have organized circumcisions (sunnah), that is our mission, let us do this. And that blessed one is talking about the Mahdi (as), let those blessed ones talk about him; look that means he is doing it right.   He does it better, he reaches to more people,   May Allah increase their number, let him do that, let him be the one to do that.  Let him to be the one to do that. Saying I will be the one to do all, would not be just, it would not be justice. May Almight Allah increase their strength, increase their power.   That means they are assigned by Allah, they have a special task, May Almighty Allan increase their duties.  Insha'Allah May Allah make them one of the chief commanders of Mahdi (as). We cannot know who will be the Mahdi ,  may be he will be the Mahdi (as) and we will obey him, we cannot know that.

But I can also say this for that scholar as well, I can say that for this scholar as well, insha'Allah he will become one. We are to nourish good intentions. Harboring bad assumptions is not what a Muslim should do.  It is to carry good intentions. Bad assumptions is the attribute of the anti-Christ, it is the attribute of the satan.  Good intention is the attribute of the Muslims. You would not be harmed and unity will form, cooperation will form and you would like it.I like it, and I advise you to like it and, when they are on, to follow up the programs, I advise you to listen to his conversations. Especially about the subject matter of Mahdi (as) there is no need for you to ask be about that. Click on them, you will find more there, you will find more truth there.  They are also striving about the subject matter of the facts leading to faith, May Allah increase their strength

2010-11-06 23:17:12

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