His Highness Sheikh Ahmet Yasin confirms his Highness Bediuzzaman's statement declaring that Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will come 100 years after him.

Now, in Emirdag Addendum page 72, "a century later" is explained.. .. what would you say about this point? - Yes, he has given the date. When we look at the date that he mentioned, in Emirdag Addendum, we would come to 2030-2040's. A Reviver would not speak in vain. Do you suppose that a reviver that Almighty Allah had sent as a successor of a prophet .. would speak recklessly. Their minds are perfect; when he says 100 years, it is 100 years. We will all live these days and see if Allah lets us. I am praying for that, I am a bit older than you all, You do pray for me too, just like I pray for you, pray for me that I could see those days. I do want to live that Golden Age. - Altogether Insha'Allah. - That is because anyone who didn't live that age should not say that he lived. Right? - Insha'Allah, may we live them altogether insha'Allah. - Insha'Allah. By the leave of Allah we will see those days altogether. - Insha'Allah.

2011-02-19 17:40:54

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