Mr. Fredi Malek's speech at the joint press conference with Mr. Adnan Oktar (May 12nd, 2011, Istanbul)

MR. FREDI MALIK: Good afternoon to everybody. Mr. Adnan, I want to thank first of all to Ayoub to bring me here. Yesterday I have spoken with your friend, I am very impressed for you and this is for me… I thank to God that I know some person like you. My name is Fredi Malik, I am the Vice Mayor in the City Nesher near Haifa and also until one year ago I was responsible for the Youth Exchange [program] of all the children Israel for ten years. And for me today I study a lot of history of about Turkey and the relation in between Turkey and Israel. I want to pray only one thing: Turkey will be to have the role, between, as before when she was [the Ottoman] Empire to bring peace for Israel. You know the Jews pray every day three times and they say "oseh shalom bimromav" (He makes peace in the heavens) every day three times. We want every Jew who prays every day, three times "oseh shalom bimromav" (He makes peace in the heavens) to bring the peace. We always say only peace. And I think from this city, from Istanbul will be the peace of Israel and Turkey and all the world together. Thank you very much. 

2011-06-01 23:59:23

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