Surat at-Tur (Hypocrites are also trapped in the ruse that they have themselves devised)



Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Interview on A9 TV dated October 12th, 2011

Surat at-Tur

That is to say, Allah says, “Or do they desire to dupe you?” “Do they want to hatch a plot?” “But the duped ones are those who are disbelievers.” Allah says that they will themselves be trapped in their own ruses. Hypocrites are also trapped in the ruse that they have themselves devised.“If they saw a lump of heaven falling down, they would just say, ‘Banked-up clouds!’” Allah says that they employ a derisive style and consider it to be insignificant. “Leave them then until they meet their Day when they will be struck down by the Blast.” Allah says that we should leave them to their own stance until the Day of Judgment.What is the number of the verse? The 45th.Whendid Bediuzzaman say that the Day of Judgment would come? In Hijri 1545 (2120 Gregorian Calendar).“The Day their ploys will not profit them at all  and they will not be helped.Let’s see them stop it if they can by using missiles or whatever they have in their hands. Moreover, at that age, no missile will remain. They will fall into an inconceivable misery of communism, an incomprehensible debacle. They will first become communists, then their lives will be a mess and they will be devastated  in a great mess. All houses will stink. They will ravage everywhere and each and every  day they will commit murders. Our Prophet (saas) says, “They will have sexual intercourse in the streets like animals.” People will beat one another, threaten one another, kill one another. There will be plunder and rape everywhere. There will be an inconceivable mess. It will be very bad, and then the Day of Judgment will come right upon them. 

2011-12-10 22:14:21

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