Surah Qaf, 16– 45

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on A9 TV dated 2 March 2012

Surah Qaf, 16

“We created Man.” Not through chance or evolution. I created him, Allah says. and We know what his own self whispers to him.” I create those whisperings, Allah says. People say, things come into my head. Why? To test you. A person is to hear 74 whispers a day, and they all come. In perfect order. The answers the conscience must give to all 74 are created by Allah. And it responds to each one. That is what the test requires. People imagine that the whispering comes because there is something wrong with them. That they are sick or abnormal. Whisperings come to everyone. We are all tested. We are nearer to him than his jugular vein.”

Where is our jugular vein? Inside us. That is exactly what I am saying about matter. Allah shows us an image. He says the whole image belongs to Him. Where are you? You are a shadow being. Where is Allah? Everywhere. His manifestations are everywhere. He is present as a manifestation of His titles. And the two recording angels are recording, sitting on the right and on the left.”

Look, take note. These are not mobile. We move about, but the recording angels do not. They sit there. Make of that what you will. That is what I am talking about. He does not utter a single word, without a watcher by him, pen in hand!”

We are talking now. This place is full. They are smiling. There are jinn here, and angels. Because they can see us. But we cannot see them. They enjoy watching us. They know we cannot see them. We are two-dimensional, while they watch us from the third dimension. Imagine we are living on a television screen. The image looks three dimensional, but the television is only two dimensional. We look at it from the outside, but the person on the screen cannot see us. The person there cannot see us, but we see him. We watch him quite happily. Isn’t that right? And so we cannot see them. We would be hugely excited if they became visible. But then the need for free will would disappear. And the test would end. “The throes of death…” the agony of death. The power of judgment is impaired during one’s death throes. The same with sight, the sense of smell, bodily sensations, one’s feet become all tangled up and feel like one single part. The body feels as if it does not exist. One cannot feel one’s body. There is no body, it is like a mere image. revealing the truth. That is what you were trying to evade!”

You did not believe, but now you cannot withstand this pressure. One feels that during the throes of death. And at that moment The Trumpet will be blown.” Look, this is a statement of the relativity of time. Because there may be hundreds or thousands of years between them, but the trumpet is blown at the same moment there. That is the Day of the Threat.”

This is the day of which I spoke, Allah says. They did not believe, but it has happened. Every self will come together with a driver...” driving the vehicle. This is something unique to Muslims. They are comfortable. Believers have their own private drivers. Provided by Allah. “and a witness.” Someone sits beside them, and they have a witness. They have a guide, to show them the way, so they know what to do. So they can be at ease and remember Allah. Because the driver and the one on the other side always compliment them. They give them glad tidings. Because the environment is an alarming one, and they have not yet stopped feeling fear. They have not yet entered paradise. They know fear and alarm, but since believers have a protecting angel with them, their hearts are at ease, and there is light before and to the right of them. They are unaffected by the dark. They are unaffected by the terrain of hell since they are in a vehicle. Because the terrain is very harsh. Unbelievers are forced to kneel down in that terrain of hell. Muslims and everyone come there. That is why we do not say, “O Lord, save me from hell,” but rather “Save me from the torment of hell.” We will go to hell and see hell. But we seek shelter from its torments in Allah. There are angels in hell, too. And they are quite happy. There are believers, and they are happy. Because they suffer no torment. But the unbelievers are punished. Of course a Muslim does not want to linger there, but that is a different issue. He wants to go to paradise. Every self will come together with a driver and a witness: You were heedless of this...” You did not believe, He says. so We have stripped you of your covering...” The veil before your eyes. There is a brightly colored veil before your eyes. Allah says He has lifted that veil. and today your sight is sharp.” He has passed in full clarity into a new dimension. When one screen is lifted, he sees a new one. And Allah says one has full sharpness of vision there. The lack of clarity in hearing or perception of distance that applies in this world will not apply there. Things are blurred here. People wear glasses to see distant objects. Or they cup their hands round their ears to hear better. There is none of that there. Something 100 km away will seem to be right beside you. You can hear people talking 100 km away. Sight and hearing are perfect and one fully perceives the three dimensions. That is why Hazrat Ali (pbuh) says, “You will awake as if out of sleep.” Everyone will think they have just woken up out of sleep. There is a verse that describes how people will wonder who woke them up out of sleep. They will wonder what they are doing there and will fail to understand. Then they will realize that the Day has come. That they have died. They will not realize at first. That they have died and been resurrected. They will think they have been dumped on a piece of normal land. Kidnap victims are sometimes abandoned like that. Then the summoner will call, and they will rush to that region and realize they have died. Alas, they will say. The Day is real. today your sight is sharp.” Your sight is sharp and three-dimensional. As is your hearing. His inseparable comrade will say, ‘This is what I have ready for you’.”

If he is a believer. If he is not a believer, the angel will refer to him as “this.” The angel will not refer to him as being human. This is what I have ready for you.” The angel does not refer to them as human. Since they are repelled by them. Hurl into Hell every obdurate unbeliever,” Almighty Allah tells the angels.

He knows everything. He tests them, even though He knows there will be immorality.

  “impeder of good...”  You preach, but they try and prevent you. You want to save a Muslim, and they prevent you. You try to distribute books, and they stop you. You speak of Islamic Union, and they try and stop you. You say the Mahdi (pbuh) will come, and they try and stop you.

You say Jesus the Messiah will return, and they try and stop you. impeder of good, doubt-causing aggressor...” the fanatics. Anarchists and terrorists. Darwinists and materialists. Communists are aggressive, one. And fanatics, two. “doubt-causing…” The Darwinist, materialist system is built upon doubt. Bigots are also very skeptical. They do not like Allah at all. Neither do they care for our Prophet (pbuh). They like the intermediaries they refer to as saints. They imagine they will enter paradise through them. They imagine that Allah is cruel and oppressive, may He forbid, but they imagine that our Prophet (pbuh) can step in and win Allah over. who set up another god together with Allah...” They say their spiritual leader knows everything on Earth from one end to the other. He will definitely enter paradise, they say. Hurl him into the terrible punishment.’ His inseparable comrade will say, ‘Our Lord, I did not make him overstep the limits. He was, in any case, far astray’. He will say, ‘Do not argue in My Presence.” One feature of fanatics is they are always arguing. I gave you advance warning of the Threat.” I revealed this in the Qur’an. My Word, once given, is not subject to change...” The Qur’an is immutable, Allah’s commandments are immutable. I do not wrong My servants.’ On the Day He says to Hell, ‘Are you full?’ it will ask, ‘Are there no more to come’?”

Allah asks, are you full? Allah does that to terrify unbelief. A voice comes from hell. “Are there no more to come?” Of course that terrifies the people in hell. And the Garden will be brought up close to those with faithfulness, not far away:”

That is very significant. He says it is not far away. Those people say. Paradise can be seen once the veil is lifted. Perception of space is in Allah’s hand. Allah can portray it as close by if He so wishes. I mean, there is no space in Allah’s eyes. But in our terms it is brought close. 

Surah Qaf, 32-33;

This is what you were promised.” This is what Allah promised. It is for every careful penitent:

 Who sincerely turns to Allah. those who fear the All-Merciful in the Unseen and come with a contrite heart.

Those who preserve the commandments of the Qur’an “and come with a contrite heart” with a genuine fear. Paradise is for those who are honest, in other words.

Surah Qaf, 34;

"Enter it in peace.” They enter paradise with the words Salamun Alaykum [May peace, mercy and blessing of Allah be upon you]. The angels also say Alaykum Salam. “This is the Day of Timeless Eternity....” the angels say. “You are now in eternity,” they say. Because only one single moment exists. Infinity and eternity were created within a single moment. Indeed, it is physically impossible for man to be finite. By Allah’s leave.

Surah Qaf, 35;

They will have there everything they want...” Everything that comes to mind. A car? A yacht? Do they want to fly? Do they want to swim with the fishes? Do they want food? Is there something else they desire? Whatever they want is theirs. Look, Allah says,and with Us there is still more.” And Allah says there is a surprise, that He will do things they are unaware of. Something they have never seen or tasted. and with Us there is still more,” insha’Allah.

Who does the commentary? Allah manifests it. I am just His poor servant. Allah manifests other manifestations through His name of Jamal Allah. And I listen, insha’Allah.

Surah Qaf, 38

We created the heavens and the earth,      and everything between them, in six days,” in a space of six days. “and We were not affected by fatigue.” Jews and Christians say that Allah rested on the seventh day [Allah is beyond that]. How can Allah be tired? Look, Allah sets the record straight. He would not be divine if He became tired. We are mere entities created by Allah. We become tired. That is how He creates us. But what tiredness can affect the infinite might of Allah? This is another proof that the Qur’an is the True Book.

Surah Qaf, 41-45

Listen out for the Day when the Summoner shall call out from a nearby place. The Day they hear the Blast in truth,         that is the Day of Emergence.”


Resurrection. They hear the blast first. It wakes them up. In the same way you set your alarm on your phone and wake up to that. They will wake up terrified by the noise of the blast. The summoner will call form very close by. It is We Who give life and cause to die       and We are their final destination. The Day the earth splits open all around them...” There is no dimensional connection left. Since the summoners call, “they come rushing forth…” says Allah. They first rise up with great excitement. When they hear the blast, then Allah says they start rushing around. Everyone starts running around. “…that is a gathering, easy for Us to accomplish.”

There are attendants alongside Muslims. There are lights before and to the right of them. They realize when they see them that they will enter paradise. They have hope, insha’Allah. They have a strong hope and expectation. We know best what they say. You are not a dictator over them. So remind, with the Qur’an, whoever fears My Threat.” You are not a dictator. There is a verse about that – “There is no compulsion in the religion.” But the bigots would certainly impose compulsion, and how! So remind, with the Qur’an, whoever fears My Threat.”

Not with the lies and myths of the bigots. With what? With the Qur’an. No, I do not want to advise people with the Qur’an, they say. I will advise them with nonsense. But Allah says to advise people with the Qur’an.

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