Surat ash-Shu‘ara’, 1-66

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on A9 TV dated 17 March 2012

Verse 1

Ta, Sin, Mim.

Verse 2

“Those are the Signs of the Clear Book.” Many people will come up and say, “The Qur’an is ambiguous.” Allah says that the Qur”an is “explicit”, but they come up and say that it is not. Disbelievers say that even after forty years have passed by, they can not understand the Qur’an.

Verse 3

“Perhaps you will destroy yourself with grief because they will not become believers.” The fact is however, they are created in a way that they will not have faith. Our Prophet (saas) is the sweetest of the world. He feels so much grief because they do not believe. He at the end becomes sick. That is why Allah says, “You will destroy yourself.”

Verse 4

“If We wished We could send down a Sign to them from heaven, before which their heads would be bowed low in subjection.” Allah says that if He wants, He can make them believe immediately. But this is a world of testing. That is why Allah says, “Do not feel sorry.”

Verse 5

“But no fresh reminder from the All-Merciful reaches them without their turning away from it.”

Why? Because they have weak faith. So what is the problem? Weakness of faith is important. Their faith must be made more profound. The signs leading to faith must be explained to them.

Verse 6

“They have denied the truth” Why? Because they have weakness of faith. For instance we say, there will the Islamic Union. They simply mock us. We say Hazrat Mahdi (as) will appear, and again they mock us. We say Messiah will appear, they again mock us. “...but the news of what they mocked will certainly come to them.” They must wait for a little while, insha’Allah.

Verse 7

“Have they not looked at the earth and seen how We have made every sort of beneficial species grow in it?” How shall we look?  We can look by means of science. Television, books, research labs are essential for it. How shall we find out without research and science?

Verse 8

There is certainly a Sign in that, yet most of them are not believers. Why? Because of weakness of faith. It is essential to tell and understand the signs leading to faith.

Verse 9

“Truly your Lord is the Almighty, the Most Merciful.” Knowing that Allah is Mighty gives relief to a believer’s heart because man is weak. It is because Allah is compassionate that a man hopes Allah will not punish him and put him in Hell.

Verse 10

“When your Lord called out to Moses: ‘Go to the wrongdoing people” Go against the system of the dajjal.

Verse 11

“...the people of Pharaoh.” The nation of the pharaoh. “Will they not have fear of Allah?’”

Verse 12

“He said, ‘My Lord, I fear they will deny me”

Verse 13

“...and that my breast will be constricted and that my tongue will not be free” His tension rises, his heart beats rapidly. Prophet Moses (as) is a very beautiful prophet. He is very excited. The other prophets are not so excited. Our Prophet (saas) is also very open to sorrow. Allah warns him constantly. He also feels pressure on his heart related to high pressure. “ send Aaron as a Messenger as well.” He asks to be supported by Aaron. What does this mean? There is some resemblance between Jesus (as)  and Prophet Moses (as).  There is also resemblance with the End Times. Prophet Moses (as) asks for a supporter. Hazrat Mahdi (as) is the supporter of Jesus (as).

Verse 14

They hold a wrong action against me and I fear that they may kill me.’ At that age, people were killed when there was a claim about murder.

Verse 15

“He said, ‘By no means! Go, both of you, with Our Signs. We will certainly be together with you, listening.” Notice that they are the two people. Also in the End Times, there is the Jesus (as) and Mahdi (as). Allah says that He is everywhere. He says that He also hears what the Pharoah says because it is also Allah Who creates that environment.

Verse 16

“Go to Pharaoh and say,” Notice  that he says, “without any  delay” but there are guys who want to postpone it. We say we want to crush Darwinism, they come up and say, “Is there Darwinism?” It is all upon you, what does it mean? “We are the Messenger of the Lord of all the worlds.” Allah says, “immediately”. Communicating the message is not something to delay.

Verse 17

“ tell you to send the tribe of Israel away with us.”’

They say that they have no designs on their soil, authority or site. They say that they have no ambitions or any request. They only want the sons of Jacob (as), Muslims to be freed. They only want to leave.

Verse 18

“He said, ‘Did we not bring you up among us as a child and

The fact is however, Allah sends him there on a specific destiny. Almighty Allah raises him as a gentleman. He acquires broad general knowledge but Allah uses the pharoah for that end. This is a most unbecoming thing to happen for them. “...did you not spend many years of your life among us?” He wants to rub in while the fact is it is Allah Who creates everything.

Verse 19

Yet you did the deed you did and were ungrateful.” says the pharaoh to Prophet Moses (as).

Verse 20

“He said, ‘At the time I did it I was one of the misguided” He says he ran away because he abstained. “and so I fled from you when I was in fear of you but my Lord gave me right judgement and made me one of the Messengers.” Hazrat Mahdi (as) will protect himself against the system of dajjal and conceal himself. Hazrat Mahdi (as) will also have an exciting life. He will also be followed because our Prophet (saas) makes this comparison. That is why I am telling it, there is a hadith.

Verse 22

And anyway you can only reproach me with this favor because you made the tribe of Israel into slaves!’ He  says that this is not a blessing that he is making. He says that he had made the sons of Israel servants for himself and now he does not leave them.


Verse 23

Pharaoh said, ‘What is the Lord of all the worlds?’ Notice that the guy is nevertheless a democrat to a certain extent. He is not like the pharaohs of our time.

Verse 24

He said, ‘The Lord of the heavens and the earth and... because they believe in them one by one individually, he specifies each one of them. “...everything between them if you knew for sure.’” He says if you believe in this is the case.

Verse 25

He said to those around him, ‘Are you listening?’ He also wants to receive their support. They listen in silence, that means that they are not influenced. That is why he asks them, “Are you listening?” He provokes them so that they do not engage in something improper.

Verse 26

He said, ‘Your Lord and the Lord of your forefathers, the previous peoples.’

Verse 27

He said, ‘This Messenger, who has been sent to you, is mad.’ In their own way, Allah forbid, when they can not cope with him, they try to humiliate them. That means that there is a community of the Children of Israel in that location. There is a crowd and he addresses them. If they were his own people, he would not make such wording. That means that it is a trait of the disbelievers in that they call prophets and Mahdis insane.

Verse 28

He said, ‘The Lord of the East and the West and everything between them if you used your intellect.’ The entire issue is to be able to use one’s wisdom. He says that he can not employ his wisdom well. They make a discrimination like the lord of the east and lord of the west. He also gives details.

Verse 29

He said, ‘If you take any god other than me, I will certainly throw you into prison.’ The system of the dajjal has always threatened people with imprisonment.


Verse 30

He said, ‘Even if I were to bring you something undeniable?’ We place evidence against Darwinism and Materialism. In our time they say that they won't let believers enter schools.

Verse 31

He said, ‘Produce it then if you are someone telling the truth.’ He wants him to bring the evidence so that he can see it. He treats him in a democratic manner. In our day, they do not let us.

Verse 32

“So He threw down his staff,” This means that the staff is an important evidence. A staff has always been an important evidence in Islam. For instance, our Master Sheikh Nazim granted his staff to me. Likewise Hazrat Muhammad Rashid Erol also sent his staff to me. These are great blessings for us. The symbolic meaning of a staff is important.

“...and there it was unmistakably a snake.” The staff I have indeed turned out to be a dragon. It hurt them a lot, they are really in grief. It is just made out of rose tree but in the symbolic sense it hurts hypocrites a lot.

Verse 33

“And he drew out his hand and there it was, pure white to those who looked.” The white hand is a symbol in freemasonry. The snake is also a symbol in Freemasonry. The pharaoh was also a Freemason then.

Verse 34

“He said to the High Council round about him, ‘This certainly is a skilled magician” When he could not cope with him.  

Verse 35

“...who desires by his magic to expel you from your land, so what do you recommend?’” Notice that they try to incite the people against Prophet Moses (as) and want them to speak out against Prophet Moses (as). It is evident that they are silent. As in the case of the mainstream media in our day that try to provoke the people, they assume the task of provocation.

Verse 36

“They said, ‘Detain him and his brother” Notice that they also do not mention the name, they only say “...him and his brother”  They want to be kept under surveillance. “...and send out marshals to the cities” In the absence of mainstream media in that time, they can only gather the people and make their propagation.

Verse 37

“ bring you all the skilled magicians.” They want all the expert scientists to be brought. The subject is Creation. They discuss Creation with the Darwinist and Materialist mindset of that time.

Verse 38

“So the magicians were assembled for a meeting on a specified day.” In an environment where the attention of the people will be most attracted.

Verse 39

The people were asked, ‘Are you all assembled?” There is no other way other than gathering people to influence people. They can only address to a community of people. 

Verse 40

The people say “so we can follow the magicians if they are the winners?’” That means that people follow intelligent, cultured and informed people. They side with those who triumph in science and wisdom.

Verse 41

“When the magicians came, they said to Pharaoh, ‘Will we be rewarded if we are the winners?’” Almighty Allah attracts our attention to the fact that everything in a disbelieving system depends on money.

Verse 42

“He said, ‘Yes, and in that case you will be among those brought near.’” They form a clan. For instance, those who advocate the alleged Ergenekon terror organisation are a Pharonich clan; they always protect one another. They give jobs to their followers, provide opportunities.

Verse 43

“Moses said to them, ‘Throw whatever it is you are going to throw!’” He says that they can throw whatever they want. Indeed the last blow is the most important one.

Verse 44

They threw down their ropes and staffs and said, ‘By the might of Pharaoh we are the winners.’ Notice that they do not say “In the name of Allah.” The state is regulated according to the system of Pharaoh. The name of Pharaoh is mentioned everywhere, no the name of the Pharaoh. We side with the regime, with the Pharaoh and with the dajjal.

Verse 45

“But Moses threw down his staff and at once it swallowed up what they had fabricated.” At that time they also believe in Darwinism and Materialism. They believed that living beings came into existence from the mud of the Nile by chance. Prophet Moses (as) also advocates creation, they also say that Allah did not create. Creation is apparently seen because the wooden staff all of a sudden turns into a snake. A normal snake. Furthermore, it also swallows the staff. They can not deny the situation; the staff disappears. If the strings they threw were present, they would believe that everything was simply a hallucination but it swallows everything they throw having the appearance of snakes. They really understand it is a snake. It does not happen by evolution, they are created all of a sudden. A snake that reproduces, eats and drinks.

Verse 46

“The magicians threw themselves down, prostrating.” They immediately have faith. This means that proving creation becomes instrumental in people having faith.

Verse 47

“They said, ‘We have faith in the Lord of all the worlds”

Verse 48

“the Lord of Moses and Aaron.’” They say they believe in the way Allah describes them because everyone has his own description of Allah. Christians have their own description of Allah, while Freemasons depict Allah in their own way and Islam has its own description of Allah. Allah is how our Prophet (saas) describes Him. For instance, the Allah as described by the Trinity is not acceptable.

Verse 49

“He said, ‘Have you had faith in him before I authorized you?” Notice that the state imposes its own official ideology. The state gets involved with faith. The state forces people to believe in a particular creed. They reject the existence of another faith, they simply impose the official ideology. For instance, in many of the Islamic countries there is an official orthodoxy. This is also the case in the world, for instance Russia and China have their own official ideologies.  “He is your chief who taught you magic.” They say that even that flawed thinking is taught by him. “But you will soon know! I will cut off your alternate hands and feet” He first said that he will imprison them and now he says that he will chop them up. The severity of the threat increases evenly. That system rejecting Allah displays the terrorist mindset. Then he proceeds to the second stage and tells that he will massacre them, martyr them. “...and I will crucify every one of you.’” That means he will carry out violence to an extreme. Indeed, the alleged Ergenekon Organisation also threatens our Prime Minister with execution.

Verse 50

“They said, ‘We do not care!” This is the spirit of the brave Muslim spirit. “We are returning to our Lord.” They say, “It does not matter, do whatever you wish. We will already go to Heaven.” We will go to the Sight of Allah.

Verse 51

“We remain hopeful that our Lord will forgive us our mistakes for being the first of the believers.’” They say that they will be forgiven because they are among the first believers, they say that they will not go to Hell.

Verse 52

“We revealed to Moses: ‘Travel with Our slaves by night. You will certainly be pursued.’” In every age Muslims are always followed. Police follow them or the gendarmerie follows them. This also holds true for the Islamic world. Police did not abandon them. It is so in Afghanistan, Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria.

Verse 53

“Pharaoh sent marshals into the cities”

Verse 54

“These people are a small group” They consider Muslims to be minorities, they consider them to be weak.

Verse 55

“...and we find them irritating” He says they have a grudge against them. They incite the soldiers so as to carry out an operation for them.

Verse 56

“...and we constitute a vigilant majority.’” They say that they are enlightened, sophisticated people while they are ordinary.

Verse 57

“We expelled them from gardens and springs” They gather to attack the Muslims.

Verse 58

“...from treasures and a splendid situation.” They have treasures, status, gardens. They gather to attack Muslims.

Verse 59

“So it was! And We bequeathed them to the tribe of Israel.” The sons of Jacob.

Verse 60

“So they pursued them towards the east.” The time of sunrise is the time of Mahdi’s birth. They follow Muslims.

Verse 61

“And when the two hosts came into sight of one another Moses's companions said, ‘We will surely be overtaken!’” They say that there is no way out. A Muslim may remain in a very difficult situation. He may face a situation that compels him to think that every thing is over. There is absolutely good in it, insha’Allah.

Verse 62

“He said, ‘Never! My Lord is with me and He will guide me.’” He says that they will absolutely find a way out.

Verse 63 “So We revealed to Moses, ‘Strike the sea with your staff.’ And it split in two, each part like a towering cliff.” The sea withdraws.

Verse 64

“And We brought the others right up to it.” The army of Pharaoh is brought near.

Verse 65

 “We rescued Moses and all those who were with him.”

Verse 66

“Then We drowned the rest.” When the seawater withdraws completely, pebbles, fish, mussels etc. are seen. They pass that location in the leadership of Prophet Moses (as). Of course while that sea withdraws, giant waves come into existence in that location. This is also seen in tsunami. Very giant waves come into existence but the army of the Pharaoh does not object to it because they think it happens now and again. They assume that they can also pass in the same manner. They chase them. Once they reach the middle of the road;  it is just a few kilometres;giant waves throw them down. In fact they could swim if it were a normal sea. But beecause the sea rushed in very rapidly it overthrows the chariots, horses and the soldiers. They go down to the bottom of the water. All the soldiers, including Pharaoh, were drowned. This is written in their inscriptions, papyrus. It is stated that he (Prophet Moses (as)) was very influential in impressing people. This is an amazing detail. This is not stated in the Qur’an. He considered this as the most important detail. Prophet Moses (as) is said to be a sorcerer. Secondly, he is said to be impressive to women. He is very handsome, very impressive. So many women followed him, as he impressed them a lot.


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