Surat al-Najm, 60

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview dated 11 February 2011

“and do you laugh [to scorn] and do not cry?”

ADNAN OKTAR : Such a person is heedless. He laughs all the time. He never speaks of Allah or religion or Islam. But he would stop laughing if he could see his situation  in the hereafter. What would he do? He would be terrified and pull himself together. He would weep and try to get Allah to forgive him. But what if he could see his situation in the hereafter if he heedlessly and mindlessly attacks people and plays games with them, if he hurts and oppresses them, if he attaches no importance to Islam and the Qur’an, if he works against Islam and religion, if he says ugly things about Allah, religion, sacred issues and Muslims on the web sites, and even laughs at these, if he uses sinful expressions and then laughs at what he has done? Then he would be terrified and weep and repent. That is what is being referred to, insha’Allah.


2012-07-08 18:32:30

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