Surah Luqman, 1-9 (Ignorant people)

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's live interview with Samsun Aks TV and Ekintürk TV, October 14th, 2009

ADNAN OKTAR: I take shelter in Allah, from the satan. Surah Luqman, in the name of Allah the Compassionate and Merciful. “Alif, Lam, Mim” These letters, known as the Huruf al- Muqatta (Broken Letters), are matters of great secret. Insha’Allah, the secrets of these verses, of these letters, will be revealed in the time of the Hazrat Messiah (as) and Hazrat Mahdi (as). “Those are the signs of the wise Book, guidance and mercy for the good-doers; those who perform salat (prayer) and pay alms and are certain of the Hereafter.” Allah says that they believe with complete certainty. “Such people are following guidance from their Lord,” they are under the guidance of Allah. “They are the ones who are successful.”

“But there are some people who trade in distracting tales to misguide people from Allah’s Way knowing nothing about it and to make a mockery of it. Such people will have a humiliating punishment.”
Secretly turning people away from the path of Allah. For instance, lately some various men of religion have emerged. They imagine in their own eyes that they can secretly mock Islam. Or they adopt a language intended to secretly weaken Muslims’ faith. Or else they secretly engage in Darwinist propaganda, or secretly destroy Muslims’ hopes. For example, they break the power of Islam and its world dominion. They impair their desire, fervor and enthusiasm. They act in such a way as to secretly weaken Muslims from the inside. They concentrate on amusing and entertaining people, trying to make them laugh with empty words. And these are generally ignorant people with weak general culture, who know nothing of science or the artistry of Allah, who do not investigate the external manifestations of Allah. Almighty Allah says that “there are some people who trade in distracting tales, to misguide people from Allah’s Way knowing nothing about it and to make a mockery of it” to entertain people trade empty amusing words. “Such people will have a humiliating punishment.” “When Our Signs are recited to such a person, he turns away arrogantly as if he had not heard, as if there was a great weight in his ears. So give him news of a painful punishment.”

Some people are told about Creation, the existence of Allah and the truth of the Qur’an. And they reply by putting on airs. These are generally angry, tense and irritable people. They do not follow the lines of a rational, merciful, well-balanced and consistent person who do not take a hard line. “There is a Paradise full of blessings for those who believe and do right actions,” who strive for Allah with good works and sincere worship. Almighty Allah says He will place them in Heaven full of blessings “…to remain in them timelessly,” in other words, they will live in them for all time. “Allah’s promise is true.” For example, Almighty Allah says that the Messiah will come, and that promise is true. He says Hazrat Mahdi (as) will come, and that is true. He says that Islam will rule the world, and that is again true. These things will certainly happen. “He is the Almighty, the All-Wise.”

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