Surah Nuh, 6-9 (Hazrat Noah's Service)

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's live interview on Kanal Urfa and Kral Karadeniz

ADNAN OKTAR: I seek refuge with Allah from the cursed satan. In the Surah Noah, look Noah(pbuh) says; "but my calling," I seek refuge with Allah from the cursed satan, "has only made them more evasive." For example, sometimes we also preach Islam, but they get away from us. Look Noah also says, ".. has only made them more evasive." Allah says, irreligious people flee from the Muslims "like panicked donkeys fleeing from a lion". Just like wild donkeys flee madly from the lion when they see them; this is how they react, when the atheists see a Muslim with faith, I mean this is in generally speaking or else, there are also those who listen but the general meaning is fundamental. Allah says that a majority of them get away. They flee, Allah says; and we really face that too. The man is after flying away as soon as possible. "Indeed, every time I called them to Your forgiveness, they put their fingers in their ears," meaning they did not want to listen, he says. ".. wrapped themselves up in their clothes and were overweeningly arrogant." They make it a matter of egocentrism, pride and arrogance, like saying 'I created the big mountains (Allah is beyond this)'. "Then I called them openly." For example, we also invite people openly from televisions and radios. "Then I addressed them publicly." The Qur'an, Islam, his cause. Of course I mean the Holy Book of that period, I only referred to the Qur'an for the viewers to understand. "And addressed them privately." Meaning, he also talked to them in private. He says ; 'I have also talked to them when alone, one to one. I explained one on one privately'. But they don't listen in any way.

2010-10-09 08:47:36

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