The view of idolaters and hypocrites on women

When one of them is given the good news of a baby girl, his face darkens and he is furious. He hides away from people because of the evil of the good news he has been given. Should he keep her ignominiously or bury her in the earth? What an evil judgement they make! ( Surat an-Nahl, 58-59)

The idolaters and hypocrites see women as potential immorals and as very dangerous beings. Women are very blessed beings, the very beautiful manifestations of Allah, the most exciting ornament of the world, the source of compassion. They are the teachers who teach best the warmth, love and friendship to the whole world. These blessed beings will be in perfect security in Hazrat Mahdi (as)’s time.


2010-11-07 22:14:48

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