Explanations from Surah Yunus

(ExcerptfromMr. Adnan Oktar's Live Interview on Samsun AKS TV datedSeptember 26th, 2010)

There will every soul prove (the fruits of) the deeds it sent before: they will be brought back to Allah their rightful Lord, and their invented falsehoods will leave them in the lurch.  (Surah Yunus, 30)

There they can find neither the evidences of Marx nor what they invent, look, Allah says"what they invented will abandon them." Nothing will be left. Only dry land and people are left, by Allah's creation. Look Almighty Allah reveals: "Say: 'Who provides for you out of heaven and earth?" Out of heaven. How do we understand what comes from the skies? We understand through science. Did we know that azote and carbon-dioxide was used for food production before?Science showed this to us. Did we know photosynthesis before? Did we know what it was and its system? And did we know that carbon-dioxide is needed for that and for proteins azote in the air is needed? We did not know. "Say: 'Who provides for you out of heaven and earth?" First of all, we are to examine this. "Who controls hearing and sight?"  Allah says "Who makes you hear the sounds in your ears?" Who created the ear in your brain? Electric waves come to the brain. The ear only carries the waves. The real ear inside the brain hears the sound. The real ear hears that electrical wave. What is that earlap like? Is there an earlap? Do the anvil, malleus and stirrup bones exist? They do not exist. That ear needs nothing. Right? "Who controls sight?" Our eye transforms the images into electrical signals and sends them to the brain. There is electrical current in the brain. Now there is an eye that sees that electrical current. Does this eye have a lens? No it doesn’t. Does it have eye liquid or eyelashes? There is nothing there. But it sees very clearly, right?

So that is the real eye then. "Who brings forth the living from the dead and the dead from the living?" Look, "Who brings forth the living from the dead and the dead from the living?" Human beings get food from the soil and plants. The soil is dead. Azote is dead as well. Carbon-dioxide is also dead. But they turn alive with the sunlight. Human beings eat that. Then they reproduce and a human being is formed from a little sperm. So there forms "the living from the dead."

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