Surat At-Tawba, 90 (Muslims must be active and vigorous)

(Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Interview dated December 9, 2010)

The desert arabs came with their excuses asking for permission to stay, and those who lied to Allah and His Messenger stayed behind. A painful punishment will afflict those among them who are unbelievers. (Surat at-Tawba,

The Bedouin are ignorant, with little knowledge or culture. They attend to their own affairs and always ask to be excused. They always make excuses; ‘with your leave, I am going to get married, with your leave I must go to work, with your leave I must get to school, with your leave I am very tired’. There are also those who lie. They lie and do not go, they do not want to do anything. But Allah says there will be a painful punishment for the unbelievers. Muslims must be active and vigorous. They imagine they have faith, but it turns out they do not. They imagine they are monotheists, but they turn out to be polytheists in the hereafter.

2011-03-21 12:18:53

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