Surat al-Isra', 80 (States of spirit)


(Excerpt from Harun Yahya’s live interview dated 28 January 2011)

“My Lord, make my entry sincere and make my leaving sincere and grant me supporting authority direct from Your Presence.” (Surat al-Isra’, 80)

If one adopts that state of soul then a very intense excitement develops. One may even lose one’s conscious mind because a kind of stupor results. People start talking in the 3rd person. Their speech is irrational. They will talk like people in a dream. They will lose possession of themselves because they will have passed to another dimension. So they will be terrified. It would be wrong to pass over to such a state without a spiritual guide. But those who enter that state of spirit (yakaza), they more or less enter into that system. For example, when revelation came to our Prophet (saas) he attained a spiritual identity. In other words, he ceased being a physical entity and became a spiritual one. He became like a spirit. As if he had passed into another dimension. After that, Gabriel (pbuh) made contact with our Prophet (saas). Our Prophet (saas) saw Gabriel (pbuh) but other human beings could not see what he saw because he was in another dimension. Gabriel (pbuh) revealed the verse at length. Our Prophet (saas) memorized it easily, but human beings could not hear it. The Companions just say there was a sound like the buzzing of bees. “And a huge stupor came down on us all” they say. They covered our Prophet (saas) with a cloth. Our Prophet (saas) appeared to be under the effect of that pressure. When Gabriel (pbuh) came to our Prophet (saas) when he was on a camel, even that animal was unable to resist and collapsed. That happened before the Companions’ eyes. And a buzzing sound. An indescribable buzzing. Like the kind of buzzing one hears in one’s head. Like the buzzing of bees. That buzzing ceased once the revelation had ended. And that great stupor. They lifted the cloth from the Prophet (saas). Our Prophet (saas) usually became very pale when revelation came. Then he recovered completely. Then our Prophet (saas) began reciting those immaculate verses of the Qur’an from memory to the people there. And they recorded them.

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