Surat an-Nasr (Islam will prevail the world)

Surat an-Nasr

When Allah’s help and victory have arrived,”

First comes Allah’s help and then comes the conquest. “…have arrived”, When? Though it also refers to the time of our Prophet (saas), it also refers to the time when Islam will prevail, when the Turkish-Islamic Union will appear and Hazrat Mahdi’s (as) perfect appearance comes about.

you have seen people entering Allah’s deen in droves,

That means that first individuals will embrace Islam one by one and then they will convert in groups. Allah says that when you attain that blessing,

then glorify your Lord’s praise


and ask His forgiveness.”

He is the Ever-Returning.”

Two matters are very important; it is very important for Muslims to repent and after asking for forgiveness, to give thanks to Allah for every blessing He grants.


2011-10-21 13:22:35

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