According to Der Spiegel: The Ottoman Empire is making a return

TASCA, Turkish-Arab Science, Culture and Art Association, 21 November, 2008

Adnan Oktar:
A body without a head cannot survive. Once there is a system with a head, Turkey is a country that can assume the leadership very well. It has experience from the Ottoman Empire. It also has a mature and educated workforce. There is a rational and large administrative class in Turkey. This means a highly successful power. And nobody objects to it. Why should anyone objet to Turkey if people are happy and if they enjoy great service and benefit from Turkey’s role as older brother and leader? The benefit to Turkey is this; terror will come to an immediate halt. And Turkey will become very wealthy. All the oppression Islamic countries will stop.



EKIN TV, 29 January 2009

Adnan Oktar: Because there is experience from the Ottoman Empire and experience of state in Turkey. This is something everyone agrees, and we have a very well educated work force. We have very elite politicians and leaders. Turkey is easily strong enough to succeed in this. Egypt wants it. Israel said so just the other day. They say: You managed the region with ten privates and a sergeant and you had no problems. But we cannot manage it with a whole army there, and we are also suffering hardships ourselves. We are also suffering, we are also uneasy. THAT MEANS THAT THERE IS A NEED FOR THE SONS OF THE OTTOMAN EMPIRE, FOR THE HEROIC TURKISH NATION. TURKISH TROOPS ARE WELCOMED AND APPLAUDED WITH GREAT AFFECTION WHEREVER THEY GO. 

Taraf, 31  May 2009


The article in the magazine, published under the title “The Return of the Ottoman Empire,” sought an answer to the question of whether Turkey’s growing stronger in the region was to Europe’s advantage or not. It said that Turkey had played host to the world’s most important statesmen in recent years, that it had made intensive efforts on the subject of the Middle East and that it had even improved relations with Armenia.

Posta, 31 May 2009


Yenisafak, 31 May 2009



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