Visa with Russia is being abolished

Kral Karadeniz TV, January 2- 2008 

Adnan Oktar: Here,Turkish Islamic Union will break down this joyless spirit too. I mean there will be an explosion of happiness and joy. There will be a festive air. Days will turn into feasts. In the Turkish Islamic Union, for instance Syria remains as Syria. I mean governments’ unitary structure will be preserved as it is. But an exuberant love shall prevail; there will be a great abudance. Opening of the gates, removal of pressure means stability, deduction in taxes, and the resolvement of all the pressure in peoples’ heads. So there will be a breathtaking relief. Because people have talent in love, liveliness, enthusiasm, business and arts. Just, there musn’t be pressure in their head. There should not be pressure on their head. If you remove the pressure over a person, his or her mind, his brain opens out. Allah gives that person a  terrific compilaiton power and starts to make marvellous things.

For example builds marvellous roads, artistic fine art pieces, makes gardens, vineyards, parks, everything. But people musn’t be clamped down. I mean they musn’t overwhelm people with taxes, with interest or with social constrains. By Allah’s leave, people make very beautiful things. For this reason, when the Islamic Union is established, it isn’t necessary  to think about these issues in details. Only these issues have to be solved. Abolishment of passport and visa... I mean an understanding of effusive love and brotherhood which are based on fear of Allah and love of Allah have to prevail among the countries. Because all of us are the manifestations of Allah. Christians and Jews are created by Allah too. They live their destinies. We show clemency to them as they are the servants created by Allah. Such an attitude renders terror to disappear of its own accord. Because in such an enviroment terror ends before you put an end to it. So it means the whole technical infrastructure of terror disappears in such a situation. It remains without an ideological basis. It remains bereft of a social and philosophical basis. Nothing is left behind. It collapses of its own accord. They [terrorists]come and give in themselves and the issue becomes over.

Vakit Newspaper April 5-2010


Visa with Russia is abolished


2010-07-01 23:28:37

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